cleaning enameled cabinets

jaybirdNovember 10, 2008

What are your best secrets? I have a kitchen full of white enameled cabinets...all of which need a good scrubbing. I used Murphy's Oil Soap last time, and was not pleased with the film that it left. I even rinsed with vinegar water, and still had streaks.

I will appreciate any help with this problem. These are old, plywood, not replaceable cabinets with app. 6 year old paint.

Again my thanks,


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Is it possible that the paint has yellowed? If so, nothing will change that.

If they were my cabinets, I would first try a multi-purpose cleaner - like Mr. Clean liquid or Spic & Span mixed with hot water, then rinse. Or a vinegar and water solution.

If they had a lot of grease on them, maybe I would try some Dawn dishwashing liquid mixed with hot water. If they were really a mess, I might wipe them down with a solvent like mineral spirits. Mineral spirits is a paint thinner, so you have to be careful and test in an inconspicuous spot.

Whatever you use, be careful with the scrubbing - you can scrub the paint off.

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I don't think the paint has yellowed, nor is there much grease. I read somewhere that Spic and Span is in the family of TSP, so I think you are right on the money there!!! Off to the store to find Spic and Span.
Thank you so much!!

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