Back to School Tablescape

christmascandyAugust 30, 2010

I saw oldalgebra's retired teacher's table and it inspired me to do a back to school table. This was a lot more fun than it would have been if I were still teaching!! LOL

Thanks OA for the inspiration, although I did have to go to the TS for the little schoolhouse and the apple/bookstack music box that is on the seat of the school desk. I had just bought the schoolhouse/white houses/red barn plates at the TS last week, so once I saw her table...lightbulb moment!

Inspiration..enabler...inspiration...enabler...hmmmm. Kind of one and the same on this forum, LOL.

The little apple bread and butter plates were a TS find a few weeks ago and were .45c each.

The chargers, red flatware, & red rimmed dinner plates are all from the sunflower table. The green goblets are TS finds from last spring.

I actually remembered to light the candles for one pix! LOL

The tablecloth is actually one of my Christmas tablecloths, but the plaid seemed to work with the colors of the plates and centerpieces.

Thanks OA, I think!?!



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That is wonderful! I love, love, love the plates! Could you give me some information on them. I am green with envy. Have to get me some.

That miniature old school desk is super. And the individual salt and peppers are perfect. I'm crazy about the whole set up.

Hurray for school teachers!

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the back stamp says:
Designed exclusively for "Brandon House."
by Warren Kimble
by Sakura
Country Life

They were from ARC last week, but not 1/2 price..I had to pay $1 each. They were so cute, I bought them anyway.

I don't know if that will help you, but I hope so.

One has the red schoolhouse, then a red barn, and 2 different white houses. The white houses are in the background of the red barn and schoolhouse and the red schoolhouse is in the backgound of the white houses.

I'm glad you are OK with me springboarding off of your clever table.

I'm also jealous that you live close enough to another forum member to meet and go shopping together. It looked like a very fun day!


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Thanks, Candy. I found two on eBay. With shipping, they'll cost $10 apiece (a bit more than you paid!). Can't afford them this month. I'll wait two days and shop around in the meantime. If they're still there when Sept. 1st rolls around, then I know God meant me to have them! Ha.

Thanks for your quick reply.

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Candy, that table is absolutely delightful. I love the desk centerpiece, and those plates are great. (OA, I hope you can get some!) Warren Kimble art is very appealing!

I got a laugh out of "inspiration..enabler", yep it must be one and the same thing. Maybe a new word should be created.
LOL. Inspirable (r).

When I get off my procrastinating rear, I'll add both the back-to-school tables to our Tablesetting album. I'm behind (again) on our albums, tho photos saved in my files to add.

hugs, Karen

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Hooray For Teachers... Retired or Otherwise!!
There seems to be plenty of us here who can relate to
your table CC as well as OA's.
I think this is just so cute and so darn creative.
I too love that old desk centerpiece. Where ever did you find that? I can see why OA's table enabled/inspired you, especially after finding those wonderful plates to set off this theme. I think your Christmas runner (I have the same one) works in perfectly. All the extra touches with the apples, school house and little bus makes me feel I'm back in school again!

Every Sept, I still miss the kids, and going back and setting up my classroom. It was so nice to see your's and OA's tables..they brought back 'Warm & Fuzzy' feelings.


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Candy, what a great ts. I love the centerpiece, that little desk is a replica of the ones we had in grade school. I had been pondering about doing an apple harvest ts. We have apple festivals in several of the neighboring towns this time of the year, and I used to have my kitchen decorated in apples so I would probably have enough apple stuff to do it . (I bought some fall leaves and glass pumpkins/gourds at DT this weekend to do a centerpiece with a large candle in a wrought iron holder that I found for $3 at a TS and was showing them to my DD. She told me I needed to clean my table off before I did, I had been canning tomatoes and had the table loaded down with cans.My garden is winding down so maybe I can get my table back. I love you Christmas TC. It works great in yourTS. Don't you love it when things can be used in unexpected ways? Yes, I agree that inspration/ enabler are one and the same. In the words of Martha "It's a good thing" Janet

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What an adorable table. I have Warren Kimble plates that are very similar, that I bought for the same price, at Goodwill a couple of months ago! A schoolhouse, and three different red barns. What a coincidence!

How inspired to use those plates for a back-to-school table. I never would have thought of that, but they look great. I love the way you photographed the table from above, it gives a really good view of each setting. And the Christmas tablecloth is wonderful. Such a colorful table, and with all the school symbols. How did you just go out to a TS and get that schoolhouse? The surest sign I'll not find anything is to go out looking for it...

Good job!

- Magpie

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Candy, what a fun table you put together. I love your new plates. I thought your apple plates were great and go nicely on this table. Your desk is darling and the little school house and bus to go with it is perfect. How clever to use apples and pencils on your napkins.

I have the same glasses with gold rims and tablecloth.


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Thanks everybody.
Karen, how about "inspinablers?"
Jane, I miss the students, but not the rest. At my first HS, I had my own room to decorate, but at my last school, I did not have my own classroom, but traveled from room to room, so not much decorating went on there.

I found the little desk at a TS when I was still teaching. I actually have a real one like that without the seat, that I use in my FR as an end table. It was also a TS find.

Janet, I still have apple decor in my kitchen, so the wooden apple in the ivy came from there.

Magpie, I guess I just lucked out, because after I saw OA's table, I thought that would be a great idea for those dishes that I had just bought last week.
Then, when I was in one of my TS on Sat. I found the little schoolhouse and the apple on the stack of books which is also a music box. Both were 1/2 off, and I love music boxes, so of course, they came home with me! Then I had to figure out how to use them on the table. I "borrowed" OA's idea of using pencils and added the rest. There is actually a small globe on the other side of the desk. Just a small part of it is peeking out in the photo.

Punk, I usually use those apple napkin rings as decor standing in a row along the top of my wall ovens, but I had to borrow them for the table. LOL.
PS, I really enjoyed seeing your photo.

Thanks again ladies.


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Purplemoon about "inspinablers?"
Yep, that is definitely a good one. Works for me, LOL.
hugs, Karen

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I'm late getting to see your neat tablescape, Candy, but sure glad I didn't miss it. Love your little school desk and the other items you found to go with it. Really like the way you did the napkins with the apples and pencil. those plates were a great find and look great for this theme. Oh, heck, I just like it all, and you really pulled it together perfectly. ;o) Luvs

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OA, I saw quite a few of them on eBay since there were about 9 pages of different Warren Kimble plates. But the kind you are interested all seem to be running same price with shipping figured in. (beats the grey horse one, the plate itself is $69! For ONE. Sheesh)

By the way, now you've gone and done it. After browsing all those adorable W.K. plates, I am bidding on some patriotic ones. And am tempted by the barn ones too.
I don't know whether to blame you or Candy for spending my money. Inspinablers!!!!

hugs anyway, Karen

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Enjoyed this table, too, candy. Brings back the "back to school" memories...I was a school bus driver for 20 yrs & then a public librarian (asst) in the Youth Dept for 9 buses & apples...the symbols of education! LOL!

I love Warren plates & have seen other patterns that I thought were just so cute! Like how combined the apple plates in the setting ...& that music box is perfect for your centerpc desk (I have one similiar to that...desk). Gosh, I'll remember these t'scapes for next school yr!

Inspinablers, yeah! (oh my, that doesn't roll off my tongue very well)... LOL :~\ TFS! Jeanne S.

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I couldn't believe it, but when I stopped at GW on my way home from work, I found the 4 Country Life dinner plates that match my salad plates in this tablescape!! Amazing!!
I also found 2 of the salad plates, so if anyone knows how to get in touch with OA, I'll see if she wants them.

Coincidence? I think not!! Of course, my car automatically stops at most TS around town. LOL


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I love this table too, it's fun to see how one table can inspire someone to create one of their own. I have that same table cloth.I think it looks great with your table settings. NanaKaren

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Thanks for sharing.

(aka wandaredhead)

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That's a great table, Candy! Love that desk! The plates are fabulous!
We don't go back to school here till the 13th, still plenty of summer left!

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Candy, that table is adorable and who would have thought of red & green except for xmas! It's perfect with your plates & apples. Now you'll have me hunting for a little desk like that at garage sales!!!!!

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