Cleaning Chrome Faucets

bonniee818November 10, 2006

We have been drying our faucets alot getting out of the shower since the water isn't the best in the world where we built & using something like comet & wet sponge every now & then to keep them shiny. We also have brushed nickel in some of the bathrooms. What is the best & least abrasive way to keep the chrome faucets looking new? Thanks for your help!


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I live in the land of Super Hard Water. Grew up near here so I know the water and missed it, it tastes better over filtered stuff.

Lime Away is my best friend. I have tried CLR and that BAMM stuff. CLR tries but that Bamm doesn't make a dent.

Use lime away, once you get any build up off, just spray the chrome give it a minute and wipe it off, shines like new.

I also found that Lime Away is the only thing that cleans our glass shower doors and the hard water ring that happens at the water line in the toilets.

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thanks for the helpful info, gammyt! Will try it.


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Bonnie, after you've cleaned the faucets, spray them with some WD-40 - you'll be amazed at how new they look. Keeps the water from spotting them so much too. Sandy

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Thanks Sandy for the tip........will try it!


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I had a cleaning lady that used Rubbing Alcohol. It worked great. After I stopped using her, I continued to use the rubbing alcohol. It makes the faucets look like new.

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As noted above, consider WD-40.

I would spray it on a clean dry cloth and wipe the metal after the metal has been cleaned and dried. If you spray it on the fixture the smell may be last for too long and become a distraction. A commercial company called ServiceMaster once sold some stuff to hospitals for use on metal. It was remarkably like WD-40 but cost much more.

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Bar keepers friend works for me.

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I use a chrome polish on mine regularly.Car wax would work.

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gel gloss works great. you can by it at HD. just wipe it on and polish it off. sometimes it may take a little elbow grease and a couple of applications to get off some built up hard water, but once it is polished, water will just bead up on it. i also use it on the sinks, the cultured marble counter tops, tubs and shower.

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I use to sell amway.We got alot of cleaning tips being in that.Car wax is good for alot more than car,It makes acrylic tub shower units nicew.Your appliances.When I spring and fall clean I wax appliances,tub shower unit.I dont wax the floor of tub though gets slippy.I use the orange bottle,Cant think of name.Liquid.

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Lemon pledge. Spray a rag with plenty of pledge and then polish the faucets. After using the shower, rub the faucets with a dry rag. You won't need to reapply pledge often.

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Use a dry Miracle Cloth. No cleaner needed.

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Another non-chemical way....Dryer sheets. I read it from the Queen of Clean. After I take the clothes out of the dryer I take the used cling free sheet and keeping it dry I wipe down my chrome faucets. They are always shiny and sparkly and I just do a different sink after each load of laundry so it doesn't even seem like an extra chore. My 6 year old now loves to do this and when she sees me taking the clothes out of the dryer she will ask "Mommy, can I polish?" :-)

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Micro Fiber cloths work great. I dampen a corner of the cloth, wipe the faucet, then buff it with the dry part of the cloth..comes out very shinny with out the use of chemicals..I also been hearing a lot about dryer sheets.. haven't tried it yet.. sounds like that works as well. Ree

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I have real hard well water. I came on this site for help & Boy, you guys are great. Thanks so much for the helpful hints. I'll be visiting this site on a regular basis.

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DO NOT use an abrasive cleaner like Comet on chrome or marble bathroom fixtures, I learned that the hard way. Both will scratch beyond repair. Use a soft cleaner, and the alcohol tip does work well on all faucet materials.

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