soaker bath tub with shower?

luvpatch2May 21, 2013

Can you combine a soaker tub with a shower? We now have a tub/shower combo in our middle bathroom that we will be remodeling soon and I would like a soaker tub. Thanks for any input!

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Sophie Wheeler

Sure. There are plenty of deep tubs with an integral tile flange. If you mean can you do a drop in or undermount with a shower, the answer is NO. You have to do an alcove installation to keep the water overspray from the shower going back into the tub. That's what the tile flange is for. It's like the roof flashing.

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Some tubs can have the flange installed prior to shipping. The Hydro Systems Lacey has this option.

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I don't know of any manufacturer that will warrant an after market tile flange installation to remain waterproof. Sure, they'll sell it to you. But will they actually stand behind it?

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i was contemplating this exact same thing for our remodel. in the end, we're going to forego the soaker tub and just do a luxury shower. but i'm gonna include some pics here that i found in my research. fyi, check out houzz if you haven't already. that's where i've found most of my ideas and these photos.

when i spoke to my contractor about it, he told me the problems with these is that soaker tubs require a large step up to get into it, and i'd agree looking at these photos. in this case, it may not be so practical.

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If you really want a soaker tub and it needs to also have a shower, then get the tile flange installed, hire an experienced, quality tile contractor, and get what you want.

Worst case scenario, you need to wipe down the edge of the tub after your showers. So I wouldn't do it in a kid's bathroom, or if you don't have time to wipe it down once in a while, or for some reason your bathroom is especially humid... sure, worry. But essentially you need to do what you want. It's your house.

My existing tub has a very funky shower/tile/top of tub situation going on. It's 25+ years old, and it's fine.

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