Smokey Apartment

cjm70142November 10, 2008

My Daughter needs help cleaning smokey apartment any suggestions as to what to use .

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Thanks for the advice, I will tell her. I told her the wonderful and smart people on this boards would be able to help . Thanks again Carolyn

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If you had a central vacuum, you could blow the smoke into the hose, and all that smell would get sucked right out into the garage or basement!

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Along with cleaning the walls I would complain to the management and get them to not only paint the walls but clean the carpet as well. A great short term fix is to put out bowls of vinegar (average size, like a soup bowl) with a few drops of essential oil in them. The vinegar will absorb the odor and the oil will give off a nice smell.

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My choice would be a few drops of Rosemary Oil in a bowl, or dropped on cotton balls and placed all over, tucked in drapes, anywhere you can.

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