Mosaic Glass Tile - Final thickness?

jjaazzyMay 9, 2014

Going to put up a Glass mix mosaic backsplash the tile itself is 3/8" thick what thickness will be added with the mortar? IOW Final thickness added to my wall is it going to be 1/2"?

I am having a stainless steel edge cap piece for the end of my wall and I have to draw up something for the fabricator. The wall is 7.5" and I want the edge of the stainless when wraps back to the wall to the same depth of the tile. A little more would be ok too.

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My thinset is usually 1/8" thick, so you should be good.

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Thank you very much for the help, i thought so but wanted someone to confirm my delusions. Thanks again!

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Just thought I would confirm what weedyacres told you. I measured the mosaic backsplash in my daughters bathroom today and the finished thickness is 1/2 inch. Her tiles were also 3/8. She used a Shluter edge to finish of the top of the mosaic. I used the same edging to finish of the sides of my mosaic backsplash that runs just behind my cooktop. It also measures 1/2 inch.

Here is how it looks in her bathroom

And my kitchen (looks thicker because it is a close up picture)

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Thanks so much for posting, that trim has a mesh (mesh not at good description) end that goes under the tile right? I was afraid with only 1/8" left that, that mesh would show through under the glass tile. I am planing on using that edge piece. I used it in my master bath and it really finishes off the look. So I found a 1/2" metal trim without that mesh and was planing on just siliconing it in, but that feels like what did your edge piece look like. BtW your tile work looks fantastic.

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jjaazzy, the edge looked like this pre-install (sorry about the huge picture)

I really don't know anything about tiling so I can't speak to using silicone with the metal piece you have. The Schluter website states the following with regard to the trim I used:

"Integrated Joint Spacer
Schluter-JOLLY profiles feature a built-in joint spacer. This establishes a defined joint cavity between the tile and the profile, allowing mortar to expand more easily and reducing the chance of future stress fractures in the mortar or tile.

Trapezoidal Anchor Pattern
Schluter-JOLLY profiles use an alternating trapezoidal pattern of anchoring holes for adherence to mortar. This pattern gives optimal movement stability in all directions."

My sister used a different Schluter edge, the Quadec, on the outside corners in her bathroom. This is what her application looks like:

Good luck with your project.

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