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creekdwellerAugust 10, 2010

Thanks everyone again for all of your thoughts, prayers and concerns. Daddy is still in the hospital. They are giving him blood thinner. His blood is too thick, and could cause a blood clot. If the thinner works, and he falls, he could have a fatal stroke or bleeding. It's six of one and half dozen of the other. When the blood thinner works, he will get to go home. His days are running out in the hospital. Mama is a wreak. I haven't run away yet, but, am still thinking about it. LOL I am not worried, seems like a lot of others may follow. You guys have been busy. If I could get the photo bucket thing going again, I would show you some Easter in August! Always enjoy the Christmas in July!

It's Hot on the 'Creek'

Here is a link that might be useful: Easter Rabbit

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Hi Creek. I'm SO glad you checked in! I hope your Daddy gets go home soon. You've been on my mind a lot lately and I wasn't sure whether to email you or not. I didn't want to intrude knowing how bad your Dad is and the stress you and your Mom are enduring. But you stay in my thoughts and prayers. (Did you get my first email tho?)

Easter in Aug is good. Christmas in July is good. LOL.
Anything to get my mind off the 110 is greatly appreciated.
I've actually bought a few Christmas goodie recently, some were gifts. Now if I don't forget where I put them. LOL.
That darn "Oldtimers" disease, ya know.

And yep, if you decide to run away, we'll will fire up that Holiday bus and a load of us will join you. Think of all the thrift storess, yard sales, antique shops we could hit for Retail Therapy!

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I agree with Karen, Creek.
Glad you checked in and 'Didn't Run Away'..w/o us!!
I hope too that your Dad comes home soon..it will be good for both him and your Momma...just being 'home' is so theraputic to both mind and body. Continued prayers for all of you.

Enjoyed your slideshow, and I particularly love that TS egg and Bunny Print...


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Glad there is some improvement, and will keep my fingers crossed that all goes well and he can finally be back home again. I agree, being home makes you feel better, and it will be easier on your Mom to not have to go to the hospital to see how he's doing all the time. Glad you are hanging in there and haven't lit out for the hills yet, sounds like they really need your help, and it's great that you are willing to be there for them.

Keep us posted and take care of yourself.


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Hope your father does well, Creek, and is feeling back to normal again soon. Glad you've checked back in.

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As Dorothy (Oz) said, "There is no place like home!" Good thoughts & prayer continuing to you & your family...& hoping Daddy can come home soon! Thanks for the update, creek...Jeanne S. (and for sharing your Easter in Aug)!

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Thanks so much everyone for the good thoughts and prayers.
I knew there were prayers being sent, we can feel that and the results.
Karen, would love to be on that bus! What a TRIP!!
Jane, I wouldn't go with out you guys. It wouldn't be any fun. Glad you liked the egg and bunny print.
Lynn, thanks for your well wishes.
Jeanne, glad you liked the Easter. Yes, no place like home. We are all ready..
Luvs, Mama has been at the hospital every day that Daddy has.
So, we really have two patients instead of one. Mama has only been home about 4 or 5 hours in over three months. She has a bed in Daddy's room, and they are bringing her meals three times a day. She is getting very spoiled! LOL We were just talking this morning, this is the first time in her life that she has gone any length of time without cooking.
Hope I didn't leave anyone out, wasn't on purpose.
Thanks Everyone!!


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Creek, hope DD and DM will be home soon and things settle back to normal for you. DM sounds like a special lady to stay at the hospital all the time.

Thanks for sharing your Easter pictures and all your wonderful collections. Your fur babies are wonderful. Bet they will be happy when you can spend more time with them also.

Take Care, Punk

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I'm late, but I am so glad to hear from you.....I've been watching the front window for that bus....heck, I even WASHED the front window!!!
We are praying for all of you and hope that things will calm down sooner rather than later :^)

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