removing coffee stains from carpet?

cearabNovember 1, 2009

I've got several drips from my morning coffee on my bedroom carpeting. What have others found is effective in specifically removing coffee stains? FWIW, I use milk in my coffee as well. Any suggested cleaners?


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Spot Shot takes out just about anything. Use the aerosol version.

Here is a link that might be useful: Spot Shot

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Open your phone book and look for your closest janitorial supply. Go in and ask for Tannin Stain Remover. They will know what you are asking for. It removes coffee, tea, and cola. This is what the Pro carpet cleaners use.

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I tripped and spilled my coffee (with cream & sugar) on my white bedroom rug. I soaked up all I could with an old towel, and used OxyClean (powder mixed with warm water) on the remainder. You can't even see the spot where it landed. My friend came over for a visit and spilled a glass of Coca Cola on the same carpet, I followed the same procedure. Works for me! Good luck!

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jannie is right on in my opinion; the powder mixed with warm water in a squirt bottle is key to the solution. I won't be without my Oxyclean beacause it works in so many capacities; you just need to check it out and adapt it to your needs.I use it on my carpet, in my carpet cleaner, my laundry soaks and in the washer. Check it out; I hope it helps your carpet problem.

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An alternative to mixing up the powdered Oxyclean is to keep a carpet cleaner spray on hand that combines Oxyclean and their shampoo. These are dual canisters and mix the solutions at the sprayer. I've used both a Woolite product and Bissell - both work great on any stains I've ever had on my white carpets. The one I currently have in my pantry is Bissell's Oxy Pro.

I try to always keep on of these on hand so I can quickly grab and use before stains have a chance to set up. They spray out a dense foam - I use the side of the trigger handle to scrub the foam down deep into the carpet, blot after a few minutes then just let it dry, -- vacuum later. So easy.

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Old thread, new results...

With respect to a hot coffee spill on nylon carpet, I'm afraid the solutions cited above were minimally effective.

Spot Shot - Useless. Did nothing.
Oxyclean - At specified concentration no effect. At twice the manufacture's concentration, mildly effective even with numerous applications.
Hoover Platinum Collection Professional Strength Instant Stain Remover - Mildly effective even with numerous applications to the spots.
Folex Instant Carpet Stain Remover - Useless. Did nothing.
Salon Care 40 Volume Clear Developer - 100% effective with two applications.

The Salon Care 40 Volume Clear Developer idea was found on a professional carpet cleaner forum where it was stated that letting the fluid dry between applications is recommended. In short it was cited that this is a low cost solution which is always effective on resistant coffee stains. I can attest that the pros know what they are talking about.

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Spot clean with a carpet shampoo and let it dry. Get hydrogen peroxide (the same stuff sold in pharmacies and grocery stores), saturate the stain and scrub it a little with a brush, place a white paper towel or cloth over the area and weight it down with something heavy like a brick of book and let it set for 2 hours then lift and check for stain removal. Retreat with peroxide if stain is not completely gone. Works on our white carpets on all types of stains.

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I use an enzyme based cleaner for any organic carpet spots. If that isn't available to you try some he laundry detergent with enzymes heavily diluted with water of course.

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