Steam or Vapor Mop/Cleaner

myhattNovember 17, 2011


I am wanting to get some type of steam or vapor mop/cleaning system. Our home is older, my son has allergies and we have pets. We are in the process of replacing our old air conditioning unit and are putting in some type of air purification product. (all of this in another post)

So.... I am wanting to get everything super clean and stop using the nasty chemicals. From what I have for vapor is better because it gets hotter and the steam is dryer but those units can be super expensive. What is a good option for $350 or under?


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Welcome to GardenWeb, myhatt. As far as I know, steam and vapor are the same thing and steam cleaners and vapor cleaners are the same product.

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Thank you for the welcome graywings!

Does anyone have a steam/vapor cleaning mop? If so which brand? I would like to clean everything, kitchen, bathroom just like the infomercials :) but alot of those just look to good to be true.

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The steam mops are the inexpensive version of steam cleaning. Compared to the more expensive canister models, they have a smaller water capacity, don't get the water as hot, and don't offer optional cleaning tip accessories. But people like them for cleaning floors.

I have the Vapor Clean TR5 (not recommending and not not-recommending - just stating) and it cleans well. If you do a search here with the words "steam cleaning" you should pull up a lot of threads.

Generally speaking, a unit with a stainless steel water tank and a gauge for pressure and temperature is probably a higher end machine.

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beachlily z9a

After reading about experiences here, I purchased a Vapor Clean II on ebay about 6 mo. ago. Love it (and it is a bright lovely red)! I use it on floors, countertops, mirrors, etc. No smell from chemicals, just a clean smell. My allergies are bad too. Early in the spring we replaced our AC/heat unit and upgraded the air cleaning filter. Between the upgrades and the Vapor Clean, my allergies have really calmed down. Thank heavens!

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Thanks so much for all the suggestions. I used my friends shark mop yesterday and it was ok. It did get lots of built up dirt and grime off the floors (dogs and kids are messy!) but I would really like to get one I can use for mirrors, counter tops,etc.
I will look at the Vapor Cleans, any one heard of Vaparamore?

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I have a Bissell steam mop and really like. I notice they came out with a new model called Bissell Lift Off steam mop where you can lift off the water tank and use it for a hand held steamer. I'm not recommending it because I haven't tried it but it would be something to look into. Sells for around $150.00.

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I have been wanting to get a steam mop (basically for tile floors-) for quite a while and just have not acted. I guess I have researched a bit enough to get to the confusion part. I too have a shedding dog so there is always dog hair involved, and I would love something that dries very quickly (soon as I mop an area, that is where she needs to step). Anxiously reading this thread so maybe I can finally act and buy one.

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In my experience, floors dry quickly when they have been steam cleaned. You will need to vacuum the floor first to pick up the dog fur and loose dirt.

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