''Delayed Start'' on a dishwasher. Why would I want to do that?

albert_135November 27, 2011

I occasionally look at this "Delayed Start" option and wonder, why would I want to do that?

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Quiet as the dishwashers are, sometimes they do interfere with tv, conversation, or other folks taking showers..so I frequently will use the delay feature for middle of the night, or maybe mid morning. That's my story- and I am sticking to it.:)

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When the house is full of guests, all wanting to bathe or wash between dinner and bedtime, you bet I delay the dishwasher cycle, usually until about 2 am.

It leaves enough hot water for bathing, and will allow for the hot water heater to wash the dishes effectively.

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Also, some electric users may be on a plan where they are required to use appliances at "off peak" hours. So they can set the DW to start later, when they are in bed.

If the water pressure is low,such as when showering and running the DW, then someone may want to set the DW to come on when everyone is finished showering. Just set and forget.

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My hot water tank is so small, if I run the dishwasher there isn't enough hot water for a shower. So I load my DW after dinner and set it to run at 2 or 3 am.(8 hour delay) Nobody hears it and everyone can have their shower.

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Thanks everyone. I see why I was bemused. I don't have any of those situations, not "off peak" rates, no pressure or volume problems, and no one else in the house when I use the dishwasher.

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I don't use my delay on the dw because I am alone and can start it just about any time. One thing I will say, a friend of mine is a plumber and one day he and his wife were here and we were planning on going out for the evening. I put detergent in the dishwasher and he said, "i think I know what you are planning on doing...you're gonna run that dishwasher while we're gone, right? Do not EVER do that!" He explained that there was a chance the solonoid (?) could stick and there would be water all over everywhere. Water would just keep running because it won't shut off. Just thought you who set it to run at night might like to know that.

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I once started my clothes washer and then drove off to do some errands. When I came home, I found the floor of my laundry room flooded. Something had gone "wrong" and it never stopped filling. I probably would have known sooner if I was home, and if I happened to be near enough to see or hear.

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Connie K

My dishwasher MUST have that feature! We wash our dishes while we sleep, and empty first thing in the morning. That way we are not bothered by the noise while we watch TV in the evening, and no one has to empty the dishwasher before they go to bed. Plus, any dishes used after dinner can go into the dishwasher before we go to bed. I couldn't live without that feature.

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I just used the delay last night for the 1st time, lol. I was going to bed early last night & wanted hubby to put his ice cream dish in it before he went to bed so I put it on the 4hr delay all set up so he didn't have to mess with it.

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My boss ran his dishwasher before he and his wife left for a weekend trip. Came home to find a flooded kitchen. Mopped it up, thought they were done. Until they found, some time later, that the wood subfloor had rotted under the ceramic tile. It's been 20 years, but now I never leave the washer or dishwasher running when I'm not home.

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