Haan Steam mop any good?

myclementineNovember 9, 2008

QVC has Haan steam mop and I am really considering getting one. I know you all have talked alot about Bissell and Hoover but don't see much about this brand.

Here is the number V26315.

I would love to know if any of you have tried it. I couldn't figure out why these were such a big deal until today - it finally hit me. I hate mopping and scrubbing the floors - duh!!!! lol I have all vinyl flooring and it looks like this would work on that.

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I believe you can get it at Bed, Bath and Beyond with a 20% coupon. Before you buy it at QVC, check out BB&B.

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Oh good. I was just looking for more reviews and realized we have a new BB&B and thought I would see what they have first. I have a coupon, don't remember what it is but I will check it out.
Looks like Bissel Green Tea is good as well so I will see if they have that one.

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Go to the QVC site and read the reviews of this product, starting with the ones from people who didn't like it.

If you eliminate the reviews from people who apparently got a bad unit and eliminate the reviews from people who don't understand what a steamer does, you are still left with a lot of people who found that their floors were still dirty after they finished cleaning. This is not surprising, given that the unit only heats to 212 degrees.

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So, Graywings, do you know of something that works better as far as a steam mop or are you against the whole idea?

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I'm not familiar with that brand, but I have a Shark steam mop,and am very happy with it. There have been extensive threads posted here on steam mops. I would suggest doing a search on "shark steam mop" or just "steam mop" and look through the information.

Incidentally, I noticed that Costco is selling the Shark steam mop with 6 pads for $69.00 right now....a definite deal!

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Lots of people here love the Shark steam mop. For my purposes, in my home, none of the steam mops would be sufficient given their limited water capacity and water temps. The thing that bothers me about all the steam mops in the $50-$100 range is the failure rate. I won't buy a cheap steamer for the same reason I won't buy a cheap vacuum cleaner - it would bug the heck out of me to have the unit fail after 5 or 6 months with no recourse. It is a crap shoot, and I am not willing to risk the money.

I own a cannister-type steam cleaner. It does a very good job on my ceramic tile floors. It heats the water to 300 degrees and holds 1.5 quarts of water, but it isn't cheap.

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Not to further de-rail the thread (heh), but I'm a Shark Steam Mop owner. And it's... okay. I love the theory of it, which it sounds like is the appeal to myclementine.

But in all honesty? It's a cheap steam mop. If you're just wanting to try it out, as a category of cleaning tool, this would be a good one to start with. But the reason they claim it to be so "lightweight" is that it's made of flimsy-feeling plastic. The water tank holds just enough to do my kitchen (12x15) thoroughly, or two rooms quickly. Tough spots often won't come up with just the mop (sticky kitchen floor spills that didn't get wiped up promptly). If there's much dust/cat hair/anything left on the floor, the pad tends to just push it around, so I end up with these mysterious lines of gunk or a uniform level of haze across the floor. (Yeah, better pre-sweeping would help, but if the idea is to *save* time, hahah!) It does a better job on my lower-shine floors (tile, vinyl) than the higher-shine ones (engineered hardwood with a semi-gloss finish).

Anyway, not to discourage you at all. It is definitely easier/cleaner to use/less frustrating than a giant bucket of water and a string mop. (One of the surprise benefits is that my DH sees it as a "gadget" and will therefore occasionally use it - never happened with previous floor cleaning methods, LOL.) I'm just re-iterating graywing's point - be aware that there are categories of steam mops, just like there are vacuum cleaners (or cars, or...). I think I like the idea enough to be looking into a better one for long-term use.

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I never heard of a steam mop until today. I was going to purchase a Haan steam mop until I read the comments. We have slate floors in our kitchen, marble floors in our bathroom and hardwood floors in our dining room. I agree with, graywings, buy quality. We went through several cheaper vacuums before buying our Dyson (which I highly recommend). I would like to start with a quality steam mop. With that said, graywings, what brand do you own?

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I have both the Haan and the Shark. I'm happy with the Shark, but the Haan barely puts out any steam.

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I have a unit from myaporclean.com - the TR5. However, I can't recommend it over other units that sell at that general price range ($500) because I haven't done any comparisons. And there is a safety feature I don't like about it - it lacks a continuous ON button.

My point is that these types of machines give hotter steam and more steam than the steam mops. I have six rooms with ceramic flooring - a steam mop would not work for me.

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I bought my Haan steam mop two months ago. I love, no, LOVE TO CLEAN OUR HOME. I Love clean floors! And I own a daycare that we built onto the back of our home and care for twelve toddlers each day. I have linoleum floors, wood floors, sealed, stained concrete floors and tile floors in our home. The Haan steam mop has cleaned and sanitized and dried each one perfectly. I wouldn't be without one again! I'm going to purchase one for my Mother this month, Lord's will. She will love it too. I don't know why anyone else has a problem with theirs, but mine is great! Hope this helps. God bless you and your home.

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OKAY! I was really confused so I bought one of each - a Shark and a Haan and the results are in.

Although I expected them to be pretty much the same, there is no comparison. In every respect, the Haan wins.

The fact that the Shark did look cheap didn't really bother me, but it is difficult and has annoying features and that is unsatisfactory. I had to push and pull the handle as I moved it around the floor to get the steam. It was hard to push and left the floor wet. We returned it.

The Haan arrived and right away I was impressed. It looked and felt like a machine that would cost at least twice as much. The steam was not as billowy but all I had to do it move it around the room and it made the floor look like new. When I was done, the floor was already dry. It's hard to believe it cleans so well when all it used was water.

So, I can say first hand that I absolutely love using a steam mop and I really love the Haan!

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Where did you get your Haan? I really don't want to get one from QVC because of their return policy. I've been stuck with too many things that turn to junk after 30 days! I've haven't seen any at our BB & B.

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Hi Annie,
I got my Haan with free shipping on Ebay.

I understand your point about things that stop working after the returnable date. I would have liked getting it from a local store that had a return policy with a longer time.

Anyway, I was glad to see it has a warranty.

Good luck to you. Hope you love yours as much as I love mine!

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Hey Annie, I'm a little leary of feedback from murial_organics and auntsissy as both registered the same day that they posted their glowing remarks about the Haan.

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mustangs: I'm sorry to hear that. I'll keep it in mind and will proceed cautiously. Thanks.

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I am actually considering the haan myself which is how I stumbled on this posting. I currently own the shark steam mop and still use it but my husband broke the handle. So when I was looking at prices on getting a new one I stumbled on several other steam mops and thought the haan looked promising. Since I can't help you with a review on the Haan I thought I'd give you a detailed review of the shark steam mop instead.


1)reusable pads
Though it is frustrating to have to wash them in coin laundry I loved that I didn't have to buy pads all the time like swiffer mops or similar products that I considered but never used. I had to buy the extra pads just because I don't do laundry often enough to only have the 2 that the mop comes with.

2)no chemicals
I have a one and a half year old and a two and a half year old so it's not just about the environment but more about knowing that my kids aren't touching a chemical soaked floor. It also didn't leave the sticky feeling that a mop and bucket or hands and knees chemical cleaning would leave.

3)No longer dread mopping
I had an aversion to mopping before buying the shark steam mop. I hated having a dirty floor but it took so long to get it clean with a mop and I'd still have to scrub on my hands and knees. Than I bought this mop and my husband would find me mopping during the kids nap and ask "why don't you just wait until after they are in bed for the night?" and my response for the first time ever was "Because I WANT to mop!"

4) feels clean
Now for some people it may take a couple cleanings to get a true clean feeling because of a buildup of chemicals on the floors. For me I still felt so much better about my floors the first time and it felt squeaky clean compared even to when we first moved into our apartment. The next few times I used it, it got to feeling cleaner each time. I walk across other people's floors and my socks are filthy but at home my socks stay clean if I keep it mopped. I really want to get my mom one because her floors turn my socks grey so quick but unfortunately she would take it as an insult even if I could afford to buy her one. LOL

There is nothing heavy about this mop but of course that is because of the chinsey materials used for the construction so it's not a great pro because I'd rather lug something heavy around if it meant it wouldn't break.


1)Flimsy handle
I read reviews before I bought the shark and decided to buy it despite claims that it had a flimsy handle that broke when you pushed on it too hard. I had simply figured that because I knew about that I could just be careful and make sure if I felt it flex I would ease up on it. Problem was I didn't tell my husband about that. So one day I came home to a half cleaned kitchen floor and my beloved steam mop with the handle broke in half! He said he was just cleaning and while scrubbing a spot on the floor with it the handle broke. I have used it since only because I refuse to go back to a mop and bucket and it's still easier to use it on my hands and knees than to scrub the floor with a sponge and chemicals.

2)small water tank
I only have one small kitchen floor to do and a small square in my entryway to use this on regularly. On occasion I use it on my bathroom floor. I can do one floor with the tank if the floor is not really dirty. But most often my floor is very dirty with all kinds of stuff stuck on it even if I just did it the day before(my kids are really messy) so I have to refill it at least once.

3)no scrubbing aid
If you have seen the infomercials for the steam mop you would think based on those that a couple passes of the mop would clean anything off your floor. This is not true by any stretch of the imagination. I have to grab closer to the base of the handle as well as the top(due to the flimsy quality)and scrub like you would have to with a sponge. Don't get me wrong it's a lot easier than a regular mop and hands and knees scrubbing but just don't expect miracles.

Sure this mop does not cost hundreds of dollars but that doesn't make it cheap. Especially since they used such flimsy materials to make the mop.

When you remove the dirty pad from the mop after emptying the tank of any last little bit of water left over, water still tends to drip out the bottom so I usually try to have a clean one ready to put on right after so it doesn't drip on the floor of my closet when I store it between cleanings.

6)requires pumping to release steam
This didn't really bother me that much but you have to pump a lot to steam extra dirty, sticky, gunky spots. This may be more for the pro side because you can control the amount of steam but I kind of like the idea of constant steaming without needing to pump the handle like crazy... didn't know they made stuff like that until I started looking into the haan today.

7)makes other things look dirty
Now this may sound silly but once i cleaned my floor with this mop I wished they made something like it for my walls! All the pen, crayon, fingerprints and various things I have scrubbed off my walls I really wished I had some sort of steam mop to help with that job! LOL

8)need to clean in corners and along edges of floor
This mop does not clean well right up to the baseboards. You will need to take the pad and wipe down the area right against the baseboards and in the corners. You can still use cleaning wipes or something for this job if you wish but going for the whole no chemicals green approach you could use an extra pad and pump the steam mop facing the baseboards so the mess is steamed then wipe with the extra pad. So yeah it's annoying but I haven't heard of one that actually does this job for you.

Now I know there are more cons than pros but altogether I really loved my steam mop until the handle broke. I'm not saying there isn't anything better. I'm just saying steam mopping is the best and the shark is a pretty good option that works well in comparison to regular mopping. I do not have any other steam mop experience to compare it with which is why I am researching this stuff myself right now.

So yes the steam mop is a great idea. The shark steam mop was great introduction to steam mopping. Now that it is broken and I am faced with buying another one I'm definitely prepared to do some researching to find a better one. Oh yeah and I didn't have this mop for very long and would have returned it but I lost the receipt and just decided to keep using the broken one until I could get a new one. Hope all this helps and I'll book mark this so I can send you a link to any comparisons I find between the haan and shark steam mops.

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I agree that if you want one that really does a good job, you need a vapor steamer. Most cost about $500 but in the long run you will be happier and will probably at live the Haans and Sharks. I haven't bought one yet but it is still on my wish list while saving for it. Now if other things didn't stop breaking I could probably get one soon.

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I would like to know if the haan steam mop is any good on carpets ? Does it leave a lot of water behind ? I'm really interested in getting an all round steam cleaner but i'm really confused on which one to buy ! Has anyone tried the H2O ultra ?

Could someone kindly reply to my questions it will be much appreciated !!

Thanks a million ,

Savi @ Roler Data .

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holleygarden Zone 8, East Texas

After reading several posts on this forum about steam mops, I decided to purchase one. It was really hard to decide which one, as everyone has a different opinion and there are several (and several price ranges!) to choose from. So, I decided to purchase locally instead of online, just for the ease in returning it if I didn't like it.
I called Sears and Lowe's. Neither knew what I was talking about (guess I didn't make myself clear). Anyway, I had to go to Lowe's for some other stuff, so I looked at the Shark steam mop ($79), and the Shark Ultra ($99). The difference is the Ultra is a canister type with several attachments. I unwrapped everything carefully in case I wanted to return it. First, I just 'mopped' the floors with the floor attachment (ceramic tile). I was very impressed. However, because of the dirt buildup in the grout lines, I found it didn't really get those as clean as I hoped. So, I put on the small brush attachment and started cleaning the grout lines individually. Not every line is super clean, but most came out very clean. I think after a couple of cleanings, they will look brand new. (My flooring is 10 years old)
I'm glad I decided to start with a fairly inexpensive model to start, as I was so skeptical. Now, I'm a believer and understand why everyone loves them! I say, try the canister type with the attachments. It was well worth the extra $20!
That's my review - hope it helps anyone. Sorry I don't know about any other brands for comparison. Good luck in your decision! I say - definitely get one, just make sure you have a good return policy for peace of mind. :)

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Have a Bissel Steam mop and it works great without the chemical stew. However it can leave certain floors like hardwoods look streaky and may need a polish after cleaning. Great on linoleum and tiles squares. The mop does not go so smooth over rough surfaces like rough texture tiles or natural stone. Great on smooth and sealed surfaces though and getting out many stains the kids leave behind including shoemarks. Highly recommend.

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Hello all, I am interested in the Haan with a vaccum design and found this site. Although this is an old original post I thought I would do a follow up for someone who asked about the haan being convertable to a shorter handle, so it could be used on countertops and mattresses. There is a shorter handle available to do just that with the Haan and I provided a link below.

Has anyone else purchased a Haan and what do you think?

Here is a link that might be useful: Haan short handle

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I bought a Haan 20 sries a year ago it worked about ten times and died. I called Haan and they said I was out of warranty; we can sell you another new one or a refurbished one. We troubleshoot unit and the warranty tech admitted these units have a problem with the water switch. But that they could not help me. I am out $160 because I bought all the attachments. I did some research and I am not the only person this has happened to; buyer beware ofthis product.

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Love my Haan!!!!! Bought one for my daughter as she has 2 babes who are always on the floor or spilling something. Easy to use, dries very fast, steam(212 degrees) kills germs,does away with chemicals and throwaway pads and does an all around great job. Also bought the hand steamer for around the bathroom and appliances. Great!It even sanitizes toys. At first I complained that the water tank on the hand steamer was too small, but then I realized I was trying to do my entire house at once because I was on a roll. Now I do smaller projects at a time. Would definitely buy again!

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