Are appliances standard sizes?

loves2cook4sixMay 12, 2010

I am designing, in a hurry (I have 4 months to get the kitchen designed, ordered and installed so will be using Ikea) a kitchen for my Mom and sister who lost their house to the Nashville floods.

They will be using standard middle of the road appliances for the most part, namely DW (probably Bosch), french door fridge, induction cooktop (not middle of the road but that will be their one splurge) and single oven, microwave.

In the design process, can I assume a standard size for these appliances in placing them?


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The short answer is no. Ranges are pretty standard but that's about it. European DWs are less wide than American ones although close. Cooktops are all over the place. You need to look at the dimensions of each appliance individually.

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Well, they're not EXACTLY the same, but close.

Ranges will be 30" wide. Slide-ins too, but the depth may vary. DW's will be (close to) 24" wide. Fridges will be 36" wide, depending on size. By that I mean a smaller 18cuft might only be 34", a 25cuft might be 36". Height will vary from mid 60" to mid 70" depending on size.

Cooktops will vary depending on number of burners and who makes it. In general, they come in 'classes' like 4-burner at 30", 5-hob at 36", 6-hob at 42". European versions will be metric equivalents which could be a bit larger (800mm would be about 31.5").

Ovens come in 24" (rare), 27" (not quite as rare) and 30" widths. Heights vary a bit, but you're probably talking around 27" tall.

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Highly recommend checking the individual appliances you are considering before ordering cabinets.

Our *36"* induction cooktop from Bosch is actually a bit bigger than 36" and we had to upsize that cabinet to a 42" in our case.

Our KD ordered a faceplate for our oven cabinet to frame in our Bosch 500 series oven/mw combo. This unit ended up just barely fitting in the cabinet.

You could rough out a cabinet layout while you are researching appliances but please do not sign off on your layout until you have confirmed that your appliances are the right size for their respective cabinets.

And please learn from our mistakes regarding frig design. You need to also make sure that the path of the frig including the space in front of the frig cabinet is big enough for the frig, especially if it is a standard depth! ;)

My condolences to your family for their loss. Good Luck to you in making this project happen without too much wine drinking!

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You may wish to give serious thought to Ikea appliances made by Whirlpool. They have a five year warranty, unlike most of the others. We went to Ikea in Schaumburg three times and I really loved the look of the apps. Currently they don't have an induction but there was a story that by this summer Ikea will have induction.

There are several posts asking about function and reliability of Ikea applcs but very few responses. Ikea, being so worldwide and popular, would have to have good stuff to keep their good reputation,imo.

Even tho my kitchen is developing into high end, despite my kicking and screaming, I did like Ikea appliances. Their nutid fd refrig is pretty counter depth, and called counter depth, altho a total depth of 34" as I recall. The interior was very nice. Their ovens are so pretty outside-to me-but then I haven't developed much taste in ovens.

I think Ikea is so smart. They are so worldwide. Great design sense.

Best of all, you gotta believe they'd fit into Ikea cabs.

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None of the appliances you mentioned are even close to standardized in size, except dishwashers which are usually 24" (or 60cm) wide and sized to fit under typical countertops, although height varies some (alot for the rare single-rack types), and 18" and even 30"w DWs are available.

In ovens, 27"w is actually the most common in the U.S., slightly more so than 30"w. 24"/60cm also common, much more in single ovens than double; 36", occasional others are available. Many of the 60cm width ovens are also short enough to allow a 6" drawer above or below them whilst maintaining the standard 36" countertop height.

Refrigerators and cooktops are all over the place, in all three dimensions. So are microwaves, excepting over-the-cooktop microwave/range hood combinations which are usually 30" wide.

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Ah, you are replying in duplicate to an obsolete 3.5 year old thread and also offering poor quality information.
Please don't do that.

Almost every maker/retailer of large appliances offers the caveat that running unannounced dimensional changes to their products are to be expected. They also tend to stress that getting involved in expensive cabinet purchases without having your appliances available for examination to avoid mistakes by the cabinet builder's sales people is not prudent.

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