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kirkusAugust 12, 2011

Hi Everyone! Had to share our finds today! You might remember the Bear Creek Christmas Village piece our dear, family friend Karen (aka Purplemoon) gave us for Christmas this past year. (We live on Bear Creek so the piece is perfect for us!) I'm hooked on Christmas Village pieces now! LOL I found 2 pieces at our community rummage sale today...for $1 a piece! No chips or anything! I also found some little trees for 5 cents a piece. Had to share! Can't wait to set up our village next Christmas! Bear Hugs! Kirk

The first picture shows the piece from Karen. :o) The quilt store is perfect in that my wife Carol quilts. The church is perfect as I used to be a children's pastor and my name means "of the church". :o) Meant to be!!!!! :o)

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Kirk, beautiful Quilt Shop and Church you found. What a deal at $1 ea. Love the fact that they both fit you and your dear wife perfectly. Karen is so sweet, finds the perfect gifts and is such an "Enabler" at the same time!LOL

Will be waiting to see your display this year.


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Kirk, once again you found wonderful things for amazing prices! Both pieces are lovely, but the fact that they are so PERFECT for you and Carol makes them truly special finds.
I bet she was tickled to death over the quilt shop! ;o)
I haven't seen a church like that one before, its really neat. I'm so glad you posted your finds here.

hugs, Karen

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Kirk, What lucky finds, The Quilt shop and church are perfect!
I love Christmas Villages. I'm looking forward to seeing yours set up at the holidays.

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Kirk...Your finds are wonderful. It is a beautiful thing when a gift from a friend can start you on something you will follow up on. You will think of Karen each time you set up your village. I know Karen feels good knowing she found such a perfect gift for you. Thank you for sharing.


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Kirk...How Perfect!
Great finds and am amazed at the great prices too.
Love the Quilt Shop and Church..and agree they were meant for you and your wife.
Look forward to seeing everything all set up this that you're 'hooked' !!
Karen is such a 'sweet enabler'


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Beautiful!! Before I die, I want a village. But they're just too expensive!

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Kirk...Just a little something I noticed on your Church. The times listed for services are: 8 AM and 12 AM. Did you notice that?


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Thanks for the nice comments. Everyone is always so kind on the forum! This was a fun purchase. :o) If you have a Christmas Village, where do you find your pieces? I'm going to look for some small cabins to go with the woodsy scene. :o) Thought I might start checking on-line. :o) have a great eye! Midnight mass? (...or a goof! LOL) Bear Hugs! Kirk

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I started collecting my Village pieces YEARS ago, hit the sales when they were 50%-90% off. The packs of trees are usually easy to find at big discounts. But the people and accessories go FAST. I just found this Old Mill at the Humane Society TS a few weeks ago, it was $2.

hugs, Karen

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How fun that you are finding pieces to make a village. They are all great and I loved hearing how they were just perfect for the two of you! Luvs

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Kirk, what neat treasures. Isn't Karen just the greatest friend to everybody. I keep seeing really cheap village pieces and would love to have a larger layout, but am space limited. Guess I"ll just have to enjoy everybody elses. TFS Janet

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Great bargain $$$ for those village pcs, Kirk! Yes, you & Carol are going to have fun w/those ...the kids'too as you keep it! And, I agree w/all those above, purplemoon certainly shares so much on this forum! TFS, Kirk! Jeanne S.

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Great finds on your "new" village pieces.
Yep, Enablers R Us here eventually get us buying all kinds of things we didn't know we wanted before joining this forum, LOL

Look forward to seeing your village at the holidays.


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Hi !! Just wanted to share my Dollar Tree Christmas display. You can buy each individual piece or the whole thing for just $36.00. I added snow, lights, twigs for trees and the rest and made a cute display. Just like you, I like to be thrifty and I love these inexpensive pieces. BTW, I love yours !!!!!!

Here is a link that might be useful: My village

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Sushi, your village is set up wonderfully! I loved the way you did the video of it. And your description of how you did some of the things. Thanks for sharing with us!

I saw Village pieces last year at my Dollar Tree for the first time, and bought some accessories. Its so neat they were carrying things, makes it really affordable compared to other places.

Please post more anytime.
hugs, Karen

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Hi everybody.. I recently started to collect christmas houses and found out after ordering some that some were more "transparent" so that the whole house shines a little bit and that some were more solid where the light only shines through the windows... What's and easy rule to go by? Which brands and collections are the more solid ones? I would very much appreciate some help =)

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I'm told I have a gem of a collection and it would be a shame if I didn't let the world know it's avail... So I figured I would try a couple of these places to see if someone could point me in the right direction.

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to Ebay Listing

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go away spam

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How Lucky are you and YES, Karen is a Good Friend to Everyone!! She is a Very Special Lady!

What a great collection you have and everyone else too!

I never got into the village collections, kind of glad I did not!! Have so many collections, and it makes it so much easier to just look at all of your Beautiful Creations and Enjoy them!

You all have done such Beautiful Jobs with you Villages..

Just Beautiful!! It must be like an Easter Egg hunt to be on the lookout for just the right piece for just the right place!
Sounds like a lot of fun!!

Keep up the Great Work and It is so Good To See Activity Here Again!

Love The Fact that Karen found you the Bear Creek Village!! So like her!! So thoughtful!

And You, doing such a fantastic job with putting it all together!


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