Need help with new laminate floor

ebear1271November 4, 2009

We are going to be replacing our 12 year old laminate kitchen floor. I would like to stick with laminate because of the durability. We have pets and kids so real wood would not work. Thought about tile but afraid it would be too cold and don't want to deal with grout. Anyway, my only complaint with laminate is the cleaning. I have to wash the floor and then wipe it dry or it gets water spots and streaks. If you don't have this same problem, what brand of laminate do you have? We currently have Pergo, and as I said it's already 12 years old. Hoping that laminate has changed since then.

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Use a microfiber mop on laminate. That will take care of the problem that you are having. You can immediately dry a laminate floor if you use a microfiber mop. It's all quite easy and it works much better than a sponge or string mop.

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My laminate had a multi-color, kind of swirly stone look to it. Water spots didn't show, except at certain angles.

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Using a steam mop rather than a mop and water will take care of the problem.

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k9arlene, I did try a couple of steam mops and they left a residue on the floor. What kind do you have?

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Not sure what brand laminate I have but purchased it in Lowe's. I was told it was the next best thing to Pergo (price wise). I've never had a problem with it. I use a swiffer to get the dust and just go over it with a damp washcloth (water only) attached to the swiffer mop. Can't say I've had one problem with it.

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