What features do you like about your bathroom?

elphaba_gwMay 12, 2013

1. large shower - 5X5 ft - with grab bars on 3 walls and bench (my balance is not great) - exhilarating
2, 3 shower fixtures - hand shower, fixed shower(opposite wall), rain shower (center of space) - I can turn all on at one time and I feel like I'm 8 years old playing in the rain, LOL
3. Moen digital shower - hit one button to turn on and get to perfect temp - no tweaking necessary
4. having no shower door is VERY nice - along with curbless and linear drain features enhance effect that I'm "playing"
5. lots of light - horizontal window above shower and sconces on each side of mirror AND pendant light in center
6. large mirror to reflect light generously
7. wall mounted toilet providing a spacious effect to the space (and making easy to clean) - so glad I included in plan the wall-mounted toilet brush which was $50 from Amazon
8. relocation of washer/dryer to space with nice counter across the aisle for dumping clothes from dryer
9. lots of storage space including space for hamper beneath counter
10. glad I figured out way to keep a closet in spare room (considered doing away with it all together) - new location for this spare room closet better than old (old space used by new location of washer/dryer on other side of the wall in bath)
11. I actually like the narrow depth vanity - ours is Godmorgon from Ikea - about 18 inches deep. This allowed us to have a full 36 inches (plus some) aisle space for possible wheelchair access in future. But something I didn't realize is that the wide aisle adds to the luxurious feel of the bathroom ambience. I would definitely trade a narrow depth vanity for a wider aisle anytime, or at least regarding the tradeoffs we had to make.

12. I dislike the wallmounted aquia toto toilet the most because for some reason, the seat seems too narrow. Also, the flush mechanism isn't working - it is new so guess we have to call the contractor - only "feature" that has caused us problems after room was finished. We are going to look at Duravit wall mount toilet for our next bath. I have read more reviews about Duravit than Toto for this style. Maybe there is a reason for that.

How about a review of form and function of your bathroom? Nice to have "features" specified for others who might want to view your input as a "shopping list".

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1) Twin linen towers - Love that everything is organized on shelves: towels, washcloths, toiletries, hair dryer, curling/flat irons, DH's hair clippers, extra shampoo/conditioner/shave gel, extra toilet paper. I like the function far better than drawers as everything can be eye level and easily seen (requires a step stool for high shelves and bending over for lowers).

2) Wide, shallow vanity drawers - Nothing gets lost anymore & no more digging through deep skinny drawers!

3) Kohler Purist tub - Deep & wide with an overflow channel so you can totally immerse yourself. Big enough for 2 people if you like to share. Whirlpool jets, back massage jets, neck jets, lights that change color (never thought I'd use them, but they are pretty neat), inline heater, & the best part...effervescence ports (little tiny champagne bubbles that subtly relax your muscles).

4) Large door-less shower (4x7) with 3 showerheads--1 handheld, 1 regular and 1 overhead. Plenty of room to shower (even with a partner!), options on where the water comes from and where it hits you, open airy feel (no claustrophobia here!), & no glass to clean!!!

5) The private potty room. These are debated over and over on the forums at GW and I am definitely in the 'I like them' camp. Now I can use the rest of the bathroom while DH is in the potty room (or vice versa) and not bother (or - ahem) offend each other.

6) Shelves at either end of the tub complete with TV and Blu-Ray player. I can stay in the tub for hours and not miss a thing! I have a collection of books right at hand behind my head when I'm in the tub too. And the detergent for the whirlpool lines is conveniently located on the lowest shelf for easy access and encased in a pretty little covered jar complete with cute little scoop--no one has any idea it's true purpose.

7) Never thought this one would hit a list, but it definitely ranks right up there--Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh Brush Toilet Cleaning system. Durable handle comes with a hook that clips onto the toilet tank so it can be hidden from sight (ours is hooked to the back of each toilet tank in the house) and cleaner refills are kept in a pretty little apothecary jar on top of the toilet tank. Simply unhook the handle, clip the disposable brush or flushable refill into place, clean, then release brush into trash or flushable refill into toilet, flush, & rehang the handle on the hook. Quick, easy, discreet & no more nasty toilet brushes!

8) Kohler Comfort Height Wellworth toilets (the new ones, not the classic version). I love the height of the toilet, the look/style of it, and the price tag. I really liked Kohler Portrait, but it was out of our price range. The new Wellworth was a great substitute that I'm thoroughly happy with. It looks simple yet elegant & is affordable. What more can you ask for?

9) The plumbing fixtures. Chrome Delta Addison sink & Roman tub faucets--graceful lines and affordably priced. Delta Lockwood shower components in antique pewter finish.

10) The combination of large tiles and subway tiles in the shower separated by an accent tile. The accent tile is my favorite part. Our builder used the accent tile used in the shower to create the transition from bedroom to bath. I get a little thrill every time I see it.

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Someone locally is selling a new, misordered white Kohler Purist tub for like 1/3 of normal cost, and I almost jumped at until I realized it had BubbleMassage and not the Effervescence i wanted (tiny bubbles rather than the usual big ones that quickly float to the surface and pop). I'm still intrigued with this tub - it, and its rectangular cousin the Kohler Sok, are like bathing in your own personal infinity pool. It's also a rare 2-person tub configured so you can either face each other or (my preference) face the same direction side by side, both in reasonable comfort. But I just can't fit a 46"w tub in this house (and thats before the obligitory deck built around it) so it will have to wait until my next move, which hopefully won't be too long in the future.

Things I like in a bathroom that I really have: another Ikea Godmorgan sink cabinet (4' long x 18") with Odensvik sink - what an incredible use of space with those four deep wide drawers, thanks to the sink drain plumbing that's quickly pushed to the back, and the glossy drawerfronts, full extension drawer glides, soft-close feature, and wall hangability, along with the thick, glossy glazed ceramic top and nice chrome pulls I used, fool everyone into thinking it's seriously high-end stuff. As with a previous poster, the 18" rather than 21" depth went a long way to making the room feel roomier, since the deeper vanity would have been right up against the door opening. Since the Ikea sink doesn't have a backsplash, I put large ceramic tiles on the wall that look like Carrara marble. Nestled amonst those tiles between the sink and medicine cabinet is a 4" tall strip of glass/marble/metallic accent tile from Porcelanosa. Like everything else at that modernist boutique, it's expensive, but since I didn't need much it didn't matter, and the presense of obviously luxury-grade accent tiles further disguises that everything surrounding it came from Lowes or Ikea.

Ditto the Pfister Kenzo waterfall faucet, which only set me back about $125. Looks 4x the price it is.

California Faucets thermostatic tub/shower valve. Central lever controls temperature, with temperatures embossed in the metal, giving it the appearance of a dial on a nice wristwatch; just set your favorite temp and it keeps it. Below and above the large temperature control are two smaller levers for water volume control that can be used one at a time or both at once, for tub spout and shower, or fixed shower and hand shower, without the need for a seperate diverter control. All three controls fit on either a round or rectangular metal bezel, and there are loads of styles and finishes to choose from. Higher than average flow rate too. Much better than the Hansgrohe thermostatic valve I used in another room.

An infrared heat lamp strategically positioned in the ceiling in front of the mirror and vanity cabinet, right under where you stand in front of the sink and mirror whilst drying off and styling hair. Also on the ceiling is a Broan QTR080L exhaust fan/light - very quiet, and the light uses a standard bulb instead of some funky compact fluorescent lamp that can only be purchase from an electrical specialty store, which is the norm for new exhaust fan/lights it seems. I put a retrofit LED bulb in there, which makes it even more efficient than the fluorescent bulbs most of these force you to use, and it gives off a more natural light too.

Toto Drake II commode (or its skirted cousin, Vespin II). High quality, doesn't clog, perfect 16-1/2" height, cleans the side of the bowl extremely well (rare in 1.28gpf toilets), has two large water outlets instead of dozens of tiny holes that collect mildew so you can toss your toilet brush away. It's also slender so the space around it looks roomier in tight spaces. I used the Church 1720 slow-close seats from Lowes, which cover up most of their own seams at the back further easing cleaning (the lid on these sticks out about 1/2" beyond the seat and bowl underneath which looked odd at first, but that lets you lift the lid without touching the sometimes soiled parts underneath which I like).

Also from Lowes, the Kohler recessed medicine cabinets mirrored inside and out, 26"h with several widths available, most for under $200. Would like them even better if the hinges allowed the doors (mirrored on the inside) to open further, but replacement hinges are available if you need that. Still, these look very elegant and are also very functional, with height-adjustable glass shelves. Home Depot has similar units with doors that swing open further, but they're not as well made.

In another bathroom I used the Lowes Allen + Roth 31"w x 22"d vanity top in Blue Pearl, my favorite granite color, which was only $200 a few months ago but has risen in price some since. It's available in several other colors and widths too, all including an oval white undermount bowl. Still a good deal for a high quality granite top that fits atop loads of stock cabinets, though I'd prefer if it weren't pre-drilled for an 8" widespread faucet, generally ruling out using a single-hole or wall-mount faucet. These aren't stocked in stores, but they're not truly custom/built-to-order, probably sitting in a warehouse somewhere, and there's only about a one-week turnaround if you order from their website and pick up in their stores. These do include a backsplash, and a sidesplash is available too.

Finally, nice sculpted lever handles on the bathroom doors, which allow them to be opened by pushing upward using the top of your hand if it's wet or soapy. I'm not a germophobe, but I like being able to do this before I'm about to eat a meal and want my hands to be clean and disinfected, and have guests over who may not have washed their hands after using the restroom. When used in the normal fashion, pushing downward with your palm, they're easier to open than round knobs.

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I'm very pleased with everything, all stock items from Lowes, HD, or BBB due to timing.

My favorite finishing touches:
-timer switch for the vent/overhead light
-double curved shower rod, inner one we put towels on
-rolling double hook shower curtain hooks, we put liner and curtain on one rod with these, and they are designed to let the inner liner hang lower
-robe/towel hook right next to the tub
-memory foam bath mat, like stepping on a cloud!

The vanity with drawers has been great too. Easier to store things vs an open cabinet.

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1. We built an extra-tall custom, recessed medicine cabinet on the short wall next to our sink. It’s great storage, and we were able to match the molding to the large vanity mirror we mounted over the sink… plus, the tall mirror makes that wall feel more open.

2. We also added a transom window over the door… it makes a huge difference in letting light into the hallway, and I think it also makes the room feel more open. (It’s really not a large space)

3. The concealed trapway, skirted, one-piece toilet we chose… cleaning it is great! (I mean, in the way that cleaning a toilet can ever be great.) I will never buy a standard toilet again.

4. I also LOVE the Kohler Antique shower/tub fixture we used… just because it’s pretty. It’s sort of an antique-reproduction porcelain dial with black script…

I’m very happy with how everything turned out, but those are my favorites!

Here is a link that might be useful: Our DIY bathroom.

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