Detergent for Bosch Dishwasher

edlakinMay 19, 2008

We had a Bosch dishwasher in our last house and loved it. The manual said we should use Cascade powder ONLY. And Jet-Dry. So we always did and never had a problem.

Now we just got our new Bosch in our new kitchen and the stickers and manual with the new DW say that we should use ElectraSol Tablets (for best results) and Jet Dry.

Is Bosch just in bed with these detergent manufacturers, or is there some compelling reason that i should be using what they recommend? I did one load with Cascade, since we still have a box, and it came out great.

Bosch owners? What do you use?

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I use the ElectraSol Tablets, and have had great performance. But, I suspect you're right about Bosch being "in bed" with the detergent manufacturers, and that other prodcuts would work just as well.

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I have a KA and use Cascade Complete and Jet Dry and everything comes out fine (by the way that's what KA recommended). I think you're right, the DW manufacturers probably get kickbacks for the product placement. If the Cascade works fine, then I wouldn't switch. Also, my impression is that powder works better than tablets.

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The only cautionary note is that I read an article quoting a Bosch spokesperson (can't for the life of me remember where--it was one of those "how an expert does dishes" type of articles). She stated that she only used powder, never liquid, without recommending a specific brand. That makes me suspect there must be some reason for that beyond just manufacturer kickbacks, as, for example, Cascade makes both powder and liquid. We've always used Cascade powder in all three of our Bosch's without any identifiable issues. For what it's worth--not much :-)

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I think they are in bed and rocking it. That's why detergent manufacturers can list the appliances that recommend their products. You can sometimes find this list all over the box. For example I just finished a load using Electrasol red ball tabs and the box states that it is recommended by: Whirlpool, Bosch, JennAir, Kitchen, GE.

I'm with Weissman - if Cascade powder is working why switch? I am always trying different detergents and find that most name brand detergents work well.

I do understand the caution about tabs but am not sure if my idea is valid:

Some DWs use very little water compared to others. When using a tab, unless you can break it apart, you cannot control the dosage like you can with powders. My DW even has a smaller detergent cup compared to some models so it is not expecting a LARGE dose of detergent.

For example: if your DW uses 1.5 gallons of water for the wash phase and another uses 1 or less for a wash phase what does that say about using that fixed size dose contained in the tab? Someone is getting a more concentrated hit of detergent, possibly at the expense of etching glassware OR someone is getting a diluted solution of detergent. Manufacturers want their product to work well so I doubt you are going to get a diluted solution.

I use Electrasol tabs or Cascade Action Pacs(not a tab) with their fixed dose but I only use them when I have a large dirty load, and I think Electrsol tabs do a great job on heavy soil.

With powders you can adjust the amount of detergent to the type of load(china, pots and pans, everyday dishes) and the amount of soil on your dishes. This is what I do, but as I said this is my idea and I can't perform any test to validate it.

One other caution. If you DW has cycles that use low water temps (104F to 115F) to help protect glasses from etching note that the Electrasol tab instruction says that the optimum water temp is 125F-140F. The tab doesn't dissolve well in my machine when I am using a cycle with these low water temps, although I can set the detergent type to tab which causes the machine to RUN LONGER to make sure the tab is dissolved. I am also advised not to use a tab when running one of the shorter cycles because the tab may not dissolve, so there are considerations when using a hard tab.

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I was using Costco/Kirkland brand (Cascade lookalike) powder for about a month in my new Thermador/Bosch DW before the kitchen got torn up and never experienced any issues. Thermador gave me a Jet Dry sample but I haven't used it yet. I do think the tablets (any brand) are silly/just marketing.

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I've been using the Walmart brand of powder, their version of Cascade, for almost 2 years. It's cheap, and it's been working fine. We also use Jet Dry.

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I've been using Seventh Generation - alternating vaguely between liquid and powder. Results are perfectly fine. (My DH can't tolerate the smell of chlorine, and Seventh Generation seems to be the only one that he doesn't complain about). My Bosch is about 6 years old and working fine.

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