route 66 diner update

oldalgebraAugust 24, 2013

Now that the wall box is working, the idea of just seemed to snowball. I made personalized menus and wanted to share the result - just to brag about a certain person called Zoe.

I'm going to show the front and the back of the menu, although you might not be able to read the back, but I'm going to give it a try. I wanted something on the back, and decided to write one of those pieces about the restaurant's "history" that you sometimes see somewhere on a menu or placemat.

The art work is boldly stolen from menus on the internet.

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Zoe is a doll and an absolute genius. She is sure to be come a Zillionaire.
I can't wait to "come on by and eat to the beat" at Zoe's Place
Where is that darn bus anyway?

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Darn! Where is that bus, nana & OA? Just look @this lil' living doll, Zoe ... I'm showing up for lunch... I love bananas & milk any peanut butter, too? Great work, OA! Love it! Jeanne S.

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Peanut butter! Of course! I'm going to reword that.

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! I love it too!
Little Zoe is adorable..her outfit reminds me of 'Flo' if you remember the show Mel's Diner!
Such a cute theme and who could not love what's on
the menu ! Yes ...I'd throw in some peanut butter too...that's always a 'crowd pleaser' !
Love it all OA...wish I lived closer I'd swing by too and pick up the others on my way!

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I love it!

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Zoe is absolutely precious. That photo had me smiling from ear to ear.

Your creativity has always blown me away, I'm so glad you are back here sharing it again!

I'm with Jeanne on the bananas and peanutbutter! My Dad loved sandwiches of that and I got it from him of course. ;o)
hugs, Karen

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OA, Zoe is adorable! You are such a talented lady.
Hope you will continue to come here and share.
I need to go see what I've been missng.


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