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mary0329May 1, 2014

I'm looking at replacing all of my appliances. Miele is at the top of my list right now. I have a Miele dishwasher and have been very happy with it. Anyone have any feedback on the Miele wall oven, induction cooktop and speed oven. I'm very interested in the speed oven. I don't have room for a double oven and this the speed oven would give me that extra oven space if needed.

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I have the speed oven, but the Chef not the Master Chef. I like knobs that I can turn! The oven performs really nicely and is surprisingly large. Cleaning it is not the easiest. The back and top are difficult for me to clean. The bottom and sides get perfectly clean. Not sure why. The user interface is not intuitive and it takes time to get used to. The user manual is not helpful. I have the oven installed under the counter which is very convenient in my setup.

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Not really into microwaves, I too am strongly considering Miele induction and ovens, probably a standard convection oven and a combi-steam oven.

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just an fyi, miele is coming out with their generation 6000 new line of appliances in june or july of this year (supposedly). you may want to wait for the specs on the new models. or this may get you a good deal on a current floor model :)

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I'm wondering if it's coming sooner rather than later? I put in and paid for an order 3 weeks ago from AJ Madison for a wall and combi-steam oven (Europa / Master Chef) + a Blue Star cooktop and the order has been pending the whole time. Maybe it's taking a long time because the current models have been quietly discontinued?

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mary, I have an older Miele perfect-clean oven which I adore. 0 issues in 8 years. I have their DW also and 10 years with 0 issues. One vacuum cleaner needed a new cord repair so $100 for that over 12 or so years. Just replaced my washer/dryer with Miele. Expensive but superb.

There were problems with thermostat on some of the ovens a few years ago but no recent posts on that -- believe it's been resolved. Everyone seems to like their Miele induction -- threads may turn up on that with a search.

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For anyone planning, I've been playing around on miele.ca today and noticed that any wall ovens with moisture+ require a water line hookup. The cutout dimension for the 30" wall oven is the same size as current models, however the vent at the bottom is a different shape. Current draw is also the same.

The combi-steam oven does not have a water line hookup or drain line. Cutout width is the same, but the minimum cutout height is increased by 1/16" (maximum is the same).

We talked about it and think we're going to go ahead and wait until the new models come out and cancel our existing order. In the meantime we'll survive off the cooktop that will be delivered... sometime.

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Wow...those prices are really high for the new M touch ovens!!! I don't think they will have much success in the US with pricing so much higher than the other high end brands

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i have the speed oven, master chef, induction cooktop and DW.. for over 2 years and i have to say they have been wonderful...

we use the speed oven multiple times a day and it is a workhorse in our kitchen.... agree, its not the easiest to clean but if u keep up with it, it makes it much easier....glass tray is a bear to clean, but again u must keep up with it and clean it when something spills or drips or it just makes it harder when u do clean it... other than that it, its awesome and we do use the MC options and have worked wonderfully...

DW, fab, clean dishes & quiet....

induction cooktop is the bomb!!! would NEVER go back to gas or electric, had both....precise temps, fast and easy to clean, what more could u want... and no, we don't miss the flame....

i say go for it!!!!

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Following this thread to watch for any info on the new models, specifically we're looking at the Chef series Speed Oven. We're planning to order our cabinets and Bluestar range soon and do the kitchen this summer.

Can we just leave the hole where the Speed Oven would go if we want to wait to see the new stuff? It'll be in an under counter cabinet on an island that will be new (and have new electrical run, etc.)

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schicksal - Did you cancel your order? Anyone have any more information (or speculation) on what's up with Miele? I'm starting to order appliances (yay!) and am torn what to do about the speed oven. I haven't talked to anyone about the Miele yet locally.

ETA: I found the Canadian pricing and converted it to US dollars and it would be about an $800 or 36% price jump. Yow! Is it reasonable to assume that the US price would scale the same? Maybe I SHOULD try to snag a 4044.

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I did cancel in order to wait, only because it seems to be a pretty significant change and because our order was sitting there "Pending" forever anyway. It was simple enough to run the water line the wall oven will use; there are no cabinets installed at the moment so why not.

My instinct is that prices will increase, but probably at the same percent that the old/new Canadian prices did. Appliances are cheaper in the US so a straight CA$->US$ conversion will not be that accurate.

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FWIW if you contact Miele's # for pre-sales help, they can furnish you with specs on the new 6000 series appliances. Go to their website (for the US it's www.mieleusa.com) and select Customer Service at the top. Choose Contact Us and then Telephone Numbers. They were very helpful and I rec'd the materials via email. I think I dialed their MieleStore.com help line by accident but no matter -- they still answered my questions!

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