Master bath layout help (pic attached)

petesamprsMay 29, 2013

We recently purchased a 20-year old house and one of our home improvement projects is to redo the master bath to be more functional for us.

Currently, about 1/3 of the floor space is taken up by a large whirlpool tub that we never use. This leaves space for only a small corner standing shower, small vanity, and confined toilet space.

Our plan is to remove the whirpool tub, and with the additional space, accomplish the following if possible:
- make a large standing shower (can accommodate 2 people)
- add a double vanity
- add some storage space for daily toiletries

Currently the main constraints in terms of layout are the door (middle of south wall), window (middle or north wall) and baseboard heat (middle of east wall). We are willing to move any of those if it helps with optimal layout.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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I am not an expert , but looking at your drawing , I would put the vanity ,with double sinks and one middle or two sides towers for toiletries , on the west wall . The shower would go on the north east corner , The toilet on the east south corner . You can make the door open to the right with a stopper so it won't bump into the toilet. You can even have a separate water clothet for privacy in that corner if its possible . Good luck

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Thanks lillo -
Interesting layout. That could work without needing to move the door/window/heat, but will need a lot of plumbing modifications (no way around that it seems).

Can you explain our last sentence about having a separate water closet for privacy. Do you mean putting the toilet in its own small room with a 2nd door? Alternatively, what about a half-wall for some privacy?

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Can you post your dimensions (larger) or just list them? they are tiny on my screen.

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Let me try reposting the picture.

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I think the plumbing modification will have to be done any way , and it's easier than moving window, door or heat . Yes this what I meant about the water closet ,but you can have a full wall without a door or a half wall , this is up to you . Look on Houzz website for inspirational pictures . This is where I got the picture for my custom made vanity with a tower between the two sinks . Since your vanity will be between two walls , I will suggest that you have two separate towers, one on each side and the double sinks in the middle with a large mirror to give spaciousness to the room .

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I am a newbie, so take with a grain of salt- but what if you move the door over to the Left? Then put large shower in lower right corner. Leave toilet, add double sink in front of window. Add storage between toilet and sinks? Possibly more built in around sinks or along closet wall. Could sink some storage shelves in to the closet space if you have some to spare.

Or flip shower and double sink? Depends if you want a window in your shower or not. Or if you like a window/ mirror only in front of the sinks.

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PFisYF is on the right track I think. As pictured I don't think you would have a wide enough passage to the toilet, and maybe not the required space I front of the toilet. Flipping the shower and sink as suggested might do the trick though!

The is why more ideas is always better, you never know what might spark an idea.

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How about :
1, make the door into a pocket door.
2, Put a large 2-person shower where the tub is.
3. Put double-sink vanity facing west wall extend it to the shower.
4. Install a floor to ceiling cabinets for storage at the location of current vanity.
5. Use glass blocks for window for nature light and privacy. May be leave top of the window openable for ventilation.
6. leave toilet and heater where they are.
7. Make a decorative cover for heater.

Moving plumbing is very expensive; you can reuse the existing plumbing. It does not cost much to change the door and modify the window.

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I have to note- no idea if that shower dimensions are correct in my attachment (first time using layout program), or how deep you want the shower- but I'm sure you could play around with it more to create the needed walkway space.

The sunken in wall storage along the left wall vision in my head is really growing on me. Hope I explained it well enough.

Glad you like my idea is helpful!

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I'd put the shower where the tub is and put sinks on either side of the door.

The left hand vanity would be 36", the right hand vanity would be 42" with a 12" deep cabinet against the east wall facing west, for storage.

Here's what I mean by the 12" deep cabinet...something like this (though without the extra 5' of floor-to-celing cabinet, of course). Ours has an outlet behind the tambour door, where I keep my blow dryer. The top part has lots of storage, and 12" deep is perfect.

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Great ideas guys, thanks for your help.

PFisYF - the issue with the vanity in front of the window is that there is no room for a mirror there. Also, if we put the shower there instead, wouldn't it be weird to have a window "in" the shower?

weedyacres - not sure i like the "split" double sink concept.

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Here is my idea, you would need to move plumbing and heat but not the window or door. I like the toilet hidden in the back, and the toilet would have a 3' alcove so elbow room wouldn't be too tight.

Fixed the picture, my math was off.

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I would try to avoid moving the window, since I think that would be the most expensive item to change, and will affect the exterior appearance of your home. I actually like the window in our shower, but it overlooks our back yard, so there are no privacy issues.

I like what gmp3 came up with. 40" is a nice width for the shower, but I think you can go longer than 44" with that plan. If the wall is 93", and you allow 36" for the toilet and 6" for the wall between toilet and shower, that leaves you with 51".

To avoid having the door swing into the linen cabinet, you could switch to a pocket door or a barn door that slides along the bedroom wall.

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Wondering if you could use a heated floor.

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I think the vanity on the west wall is a given, since it works perfectly with the window location. The only question is my mind is whether we have:
- shower in southeast corner along east wall, and toilet in northeast corner facing east (gmp3's layout) or
- shower in northeast corner along north wall, and toilet in southeast corner facing north (lillo's layout).

The only benefit of the former is not having to move the toilet drain. Am I missing anything?

gmp3 - heated floors is an interesting idea if i need to move the heat anyway. Alternatively i was thinking of moving the baseboard under the widow since that looks to be open space in any alternative.

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Another advantage of toilet placement in the back is that the toilet isn't visible from the doorway, and if someone accidentally entered the bathroom while the toilet was in use they wouldn't see the occupant.

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