Anyone heard of TMIO Intelligent Ovens - Need parts and service

srs148May 29, 2011

hi folks, i purchased one of those hi-tech TMIO ( double-wall ovens about four years ago for a kitchen renovation i was doing at the time.

The oven has been great, is super user-friendly, and has some very cool features (most of which we don't use), but... of course, its giving us some errors now that indicate that the auto-locking mechanism on the top oven is malfunctioning.

Long story short, the company has gone out of business and no one seems to know how to service it or where to get parts. Has anyone else heard of this company and/or how i get service for it. I'm located in the Philly area in PA.

Huge (and obvious) life-lesson for me: don't spend big money on a high-end appliance from an unestablished company... duh... but i was lured by the feature set and, as of that point, great reviews, especially in tech magazines and web blogs. At the time they were retailing for about $6-7k and had started selling in Best Buy, so i figured they were poised to take off (i paid $2500 from a high-end builder who was going bankrupt and had those and subZs to sell off).

I even spoke with the company directly and asked about parts and service should they ever go out of business. Never! the owner exclaimed... But if we did, parts are all industry standard... Sure.

So anyway, help would be greatly appreciated as we're relegated to using the lower oven most of the time. Thanks!

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I am sorry for your problems. The owner was here on this forum way back when (I go back to 2000 in this forum, under another name), defending his product and in effect spamming us. He got called out for using some shills to hype the product, too. And when he got called on it, he was most defensive. At least you got a good price. ;-)

Wish I could offer some constructive help for you.

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David Mansbery is the name of the owner of the now-defunct company. He tried to sell me a unit direct via phone when i was first inquiring about the product. He even offered to take $1k off of the then $8k list price. Thank god i had already located it at less than half retail price and politely declined his offer.

I have to admit that it's been a fantastic oven or us (despite the current issue) and although largely a gimmick feature, the refrigeration option on the unit has come in handy on multiple occasions when we'd pop something in the oven for a delayed start of cooking (i.e. if we were at an event for which we were having an after-party).

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"should they ever go out of business. Never! the owner exclaimed..."

This just goes to show you how naive David was, and yes he was/is arrogant. An acquaintance of mine from an entirely different industry (consumer electronics) said the same thing about him after meeting him.

I had several run ins with him and my main beef was that he refused to acknowledge any other point of view but his own. Not even a veiled attempt to listen. He had an interesting product but one in which there simply was not enough of a market to sustain a capital intensive business. He flat out told me I had no idea what I was talking about and said - "we'll see". Well, we have and the marketplace has spoken and crushed him like many start-ups before him that had perfectly good products.

FWIW - they surely sourced many of the parts on these ovens from other manufacturers so I'll wager that lock and heating elements are available if you know where to look.

Also, I have it that Viking snatched up what was left of the company so you might call them in MS and see if they have anything to offer. I doubt it, though. I could also be wrong on that account and they may plainly tell you that they don't know what you're talking about.

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Interesting. A now-defunct company, but there's still a working web site ... even with "Purchase Online Now." Lists postal addy & phone in Cleveland, OH. It's bogus?

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Dadoes, it might be an artifact. There's a lot of outdated stuff hiding on 'net servers that never get cleaned out.

A good higher end oven repairman might be able to fix it, if, as Antss mentioned, the parts came from a general supplier.

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If you log onto appliance then select manufacturers and scroll down to TIMO they are selling direct to consumers on-line they list a tel # of 1-800-881-TIMO and apparently seem to still be doing business Good Luck

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hey lupe - you probably should verify the info you are dispensing! I'll bet you whatever you like that the # for TMIO is dead.

You should probably spell the co.'s name correctly too.

It's (was) TMIO not Timo.

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Well,I just called that number 800-881-TMIO.

Got an add for a party/social line.

"exciting local people want to meet YOU!" call.....

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Contact Appliance Advisor and report it.

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lupe - certainly you are not as dense or naive as to believe everything you read or see on the internet - are you?

I've also seen on the internet a site that says that all appliance salesmen are weasels and morons - is that true?

I've seen that Bin Laden is still alive - think that's true ??? Must be, " I read it on the internet".

Perhaps you should vet the companies you shill for and not just recite the party line like a sheep.

How bout doing us a favor and calling up TMIO and let us know who you talk to and what they say? How many ovens can I have delivered next week?

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The other day I called the 800 number and like deeageux was offered some exciting locals. Then I called one of their so-called dealers local to me. Not only do they not carry TMIO anymore, I'm wondering if they ever did! "The name sounds vaguely familiar, but we don't carry it."

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Everyone - Mansbery and co. CANCELED all of their dealer agreements 4-5 years ago! They/he thought the slow sales were because the dealers were idiots and was in no way connected to the fact that his product was overpriced, had a closed architecture for the controls thus freezing out home automation companies like Crestron and AMX, + Control 4 that could possibly drive business to his doorstep, and it just was never going to produce the sales figures he thought.

Their collective wisdom was to bring sales in house because they were all rocket scientists and Stanford MBA's and they would show the appliance peddlars how to sell some ovens. We see how well that worked out now.

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If anyone needs help repairing a TMIO oven, I will be glad to walk you through it. Just had to fix issue with door lock mechanism. Note - If you have a TMIO oven, do not use the self clean feature - lock mechanism jams and oven will no longer work.


Here is a link that might be useful: Builder Solutions inc.

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Hey we are also having an issue with the door locking mechanism if anyone can help us fix it that would be great our e-mail is thanks!

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Lansa, are you still available to provide assist with the lock mechanism? that's how our issue started.

Lisa, did you ever get help? please email me at my email addr at Thanks!

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I wish I had seen this posting two years ago. I bought this oven new at an auction two years ago, and it's been in my foyer ever since. Although I had heard the company had gone out of business, I felt confident that my access to electricians would make installation a breeze. My main electrician even removed the existing double oven and prepared the space for the new acquisition.
Unfortunately, none of the installation information I printed off the TMIO website gave him what he needed. He and three other electricians looked at the "book" I printed and still requested a SCHEMATIC for the oven.
I am not an electrician, so I was certain the official- looking diagrams on the website would do the trick. BOTTOM LINE: Where do I look to find a schematic for my TMIO Intelligent Oven?

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I am not sure why the electricians would expect you to have access to or know where to obtain a schematic, which if they were using the term correctly, is a detailed proprietary company document at component level usually not shared beyond authorized service technicians and not always with them below a senior level. Perhaps they wanted to leave and this was their "out".
What is often provided to the trade by some companies is a troubleshooting/ wiring diagram for their loose leaf binders, although in this case, not likely.
If you are confident the unit is "factory fresh" and has not had anyone poking around in it, you might look into doing a power on test to see if it runs ok. It is important to keep in mind various insurance quirks about who does what (mostly the policy holder in a lot of places) to minimize third party liability involvement in situations like this.

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Miele provides a schematic with all of their appliances in the unit or owners packet.

Sub Zeros also have schematics affixed into all I've seen open up.

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Every appliance I've ever seen has a wiring diagram as part of the tech sheet (which is usually hidden inside the appliance somewhere in an attempt to stop DIYers from finding it). And, if you can't find the paper tech sheet, there are PDF copies that the manufacturer doesn't make public on their website, but that you can find online if you look in the right places/ask the right people.

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Our TMIO oven is stuck in Demo Mode. Anyone else have this issue?

I think it could have been caused by a bad sensor. It started shutting off while cooking when it would hit a certain temperature.

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