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suseybNovember 14, 2011

I purchased an almost 2 yo Verve yesterday on CL. It looked like it was hardly used on the outside. I was very excited to use it. When I got it home, it worked great. I opened the area for the bag and there was junk all over in the area. It was filthy. I cleaned out the HEPA filter as best I could and threw out the bag and all of the stuff that should have been in the bag.

Is this a known problem with the Verve? I think it is the same vac as the Riccar Pristine. I had my husband put the new bag in because I had an extra from the previous owner, but would very much like to know if there is a trick to it.



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Yes, there is a trick. Make sure you have the correct bag and that it is put in properly. The previous owner may have used a different bag and may have put it in incorrectly. If the extra bag came in a box, look to see that it is to be used with your model. If there was nothing to identify , then go ahead and visit a vac shop and purchase more bags, because you will need them soon anyway.

Clean out the premotor filter. Check the final filter and make sure there is not alot of dust that came through the vacuum. Hopefully, the premotor filter caught alot of it.

Another reason for all the dirt in the bag chamber is if the bag was defective or it burst, but you should be able to see it.

Since you purchased this vacuum used, make sure you have an instruction manual, so you will know how to maintain your Verve.

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I have noticed some owners do not install the Simplicity bags correctly. This causes the cardboard collar of the bag to bow and allows debris into the bag chamber and creates a MESS. While owners correctly slide the bag along the guides... they seemingly do not push the bag into the holder far enough. Insert the bag, do not stop pushing when you feel resistance but push a little more to set the bag totally in. In addition I suggest to remove the hose before you install the bag and look into the opening when the vacuum cover is closed to make sure the hole and the bag align. Then reinstall the hose.

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