A Wedding Tablescape...

kathleen_liAugust 10, 2010

This has been a busy week.

My whole family was in a wedding Sunday...my dil's youngest sister.

It was lovely!

Thought you might like to see!

Here is a link that might be useful: Wedding Pics

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Beautiful Kathleen! I also loved an earlier post with your beautiful beachy table settings!!
Thanks for linking!

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Love all the flowers, pretty dresses and those fantastic shoes! ;o) Guess what really caught my eye? Those wonderful chairs with the scalloped backs--so pretty! Sounds like you had a nice time and lots of good food too. Oh, and I would have ate the delicious cupcake quickly too! ;o)


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Very pretty wedding and I too love the shoes and everything else. What a menu and such a beautiful setting throughout!


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I just love weddings, and every detail
to this one looked just perfect..right
down to the pretty shoes!!


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Beautiful pics, Kathleen! I especially loved the gorgeous flowers . . . and the bridesmaids' shoes. Your GS was darling in his little seersucker outfit,too.

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Thanks, Lynn. The 2 yo was the ring bearer, and my 4 yo and 6 yo gsons were in it too. My 9 yo gdau was a Jr bridesmaid. My dil is the one with her back to you and my son is trying to calm the little one down.

Jane, I loved the shoes too, but I would never be able to walk in them!
Punk, it was a lovely setting!
Luvs, I ened up eating his cupcake too. They were delicious!
Thanks, Jay! Nyers do weddings up BIG. When I got married and my college friends from different states came, they were amazed. It is getting crazy though!
Before parties, Brunch the next day...$$$$$$

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kathleen...when I looked at your pics, I just thought oh, what a dream come true for this young bride! Everything looked so gorgeous & your GChildren so precious...what a family celebration! Memories for yrs to come! Congrats! & TFS your pics! Jeanne S.

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Kathleen, What a beautiful family and Wedding. Everything is gorgeous! So glad you were able to get a memory card for your camera. Those shoes are to die for.
I guess I am too old fashioned. I went to my nephews wedding a couple of wks ago. My brother in law ask me had I ever been to a muti-millionaires wedding. No, I have not. So, after a three hour drive, I was totally disappointed. There were two arrangements of flowers for decorations at the church. That's it..At the reception, there was one arrangement, I think it was one from the church.The bridesmaids didn't have matching shoes. The wedding cake had no topper, and there were no engraved napkins, just large white, sam's club napkins. Plastic plates and cups. LOL Guess I may have gone for all the wrong reasons. Do believe the bars must have had imported wine! The catered food was delish..Maybe our country weddings are over the top. Don't know..Or, perhaps I expected too much..A cupcake would have been nice. LOL Have you all ever been to a wedding like that? Didn't mean to high jack your post.


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Thanks, Jeanne and Creek.
No, Creek, I haven't been to a wedding like that! NY weddings seem to be over the top. I know in different parts of the country, they do different types of receptions.
I did go to one in SC once that was just punch and little appetizers. People had to go find somewhere to eat dinner.
All the people from NY who went were quite surprised!

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