First time sending photos

nana2010_gwAugust 21, 2010

I usually look in on the home decorating forum..When I found this one it inspired me to play around with some beautiful old family heirlooms. I hope this works, please excuse the extra candle in the one picture.

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Welcome Nana, so glad you found us here. You've got beautiful dishes to work with. The first set is elegant and romantic with the floral china on the gold placemats. The gold rims of your goblets compliment the gold rim on your china. Laying it on a white tablecloth is so classic and lovely. Having your grandmother's china is such a special way to remember her. Do you remember meals as a child being served on that china?

The blue and white is GORGEOUS! It's my all time favorite dining combo and you've done it up beautifully. Looks like you've got quite a collection going there. Your oak server is a wonderful piece of antique furniture--not only pretty to look at but also functions so well as a server. Do you store linens in the drawers?

Welcome and don't be a stranger here, ok?

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nana...Welcome! You've sure created a couple pretty t'scapes! The dishes are beautiful...what's the brand name & history of them? That blue & white t'cloth is so lovely! And the dishes, too, with the cobalt blue S&P shakers. I see "candlewick" glassware in that setting...I have some glassware from the same period called "Lariat" which was made in the mid-40's to compete with "candlewick" at the time...pcs. my G'mother passed on to me.

TFS your tables! I also love the very elegant floral china. Looking forward to seeing more! Jeanne S. And, beautiful antique buffet! Don't ya just love 'em for storage!

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Nana, happy to have you join us. You do have some very beautiful old family heirlooms and it's so nice that you are here to share with all of us. I enjoyed seeing both tables and your buffet is decorated nicely and a wonderful piece of furniture.


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Hi Nana...I remember you from Home Decorating and also 'popping' in here every once in awhile.
Glad you got to 'show off' your beautiful Heirlooms to us.
Both tables are just lovely. YOur first is so romantic looking. That floral set is just esquisite, and your placemats are unusual. Are they quilted?
Love the Blue & White set, (my all time favorite). That tablecloth goes perfectly, and is just beautiful. Was it hand made, and was it also passed down to you? Your Buffet is so impressive looking and I love the pieces you have displayed on it.
I enjoyed looking at your Treasures, and glad you got to share them with us.
I hope you'll be joining in with us more often..


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Be still my heart! I so love your Grandmother's china with those pretty roses on it! The placemats really make it look elegant. The blue/white table is equally lovely and what a nice tablecloth with what looks like hand embroidery on it. Glad you found us too, and hope you will share more pretty dishes, vignettes, and holiday decor as well. So glad you shared your pics with us.


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Thank you all for your wonderful comments. It"s really nice to be able to share these treasures with all of you. I'll try to answer all of your questions.bonnieann125 I don't remember my grandmother using these

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Oh Nana Karen, I am so sorry to read about your loss. Can't imagine what you have been going through w/o DH after 48 years. Hope you will continue to come here and post with all of us.

Enjoyed reading more about your heirlooms. My DGD calls me Nana. We have Karen "Purplemoon" on here so that's why I put Nana Karen.


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I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of your husband.
My sincere condolencence to you and your family.
I'm happy that you found us here to escape, not only into our 'world of dishes', but a place where you will find the most kind and supportive group out there.
If we can help bring a smile to your day..that's one of the best therapies going!

Thank you for giving us more information on your lovely family treasures.
Your Great Aunt's tablecloth looks like it was made with such love. I'm wondering if she made it purposely for those dishes.
Please join us whenever you can....we'd love for you to do that.


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slinkey/jane I have no idea if my aunt Lil made that cloth to go with the dishes, All of her embroidery was in blue and white. Maybe those were her favorite colors. Karen

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Both tables are just lovely! I collect candlewick pieces (just scored a large celery dish at an estate sale last week!) and your glasses look like candlewick to me! Oh and before I forget, WELCOME to the Holiday Forum!

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So wonderful that you have those beautiful family treasures and the memories that come with them. I'm so sorry about your husband's death, not something any of us are ever ready to have to face. I'm glad you found our forum, this is a great place to come browse and share pics of our "pretties" whether it be dishes or decorations. Gets our minds off the "serious" side of life for a bit. The ladies (and Jim) are all very encouraging, supportive, and so fun. We even have an "imaginary" bus so Jane (Slinky) can come pick us all up to go visit around someones table together! We all think that would be sooo fun. We'd love to hear your thoughts and comments on any of our posts as well as seeing more of your "pretties". Please know that you are very Welcome. ;o)


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WHAT????LUVS???? An "Imaginary" bus!!! I've been packed & waiting all summer! Why didn't you gals tell me!!! LOL!!!

And, Nana/Karen...thank you for the compliment of this forum being "such a happy uplifting place to visit AND totally addictive." I've found that to be so true, too. Glad that you joined in & that we can help lift your spirits thru this sad part of your journey of found the strength to share yourself with us. Bless you! Jeanne S.

And, yup, lots of "Candlewick" is still out there on the GS's, TS's, etc.

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Thank you all so much. I'll share more later on I have some pictures from last halloween , I'm new to the computer so photobucket is still beyond my capabilities so when one of my DDs come by they can help me, Jeanne was that you I saw standing on the corner with your bags waiting for the bus? LOL Nana/Karen

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This is a wonderful forum and everyone is so nice and you are right, they are an uplifting group. Just one word of caution: they are huge enablers and I am running out of storge space because of all the dishes I have purchased since I found this forum!!ROTFLOL

Seriously, I truly enjoy the positive people here and I figure I am actually saving $$, since I now shop at the thrift stores, instead of buying clothes I don't need at the mall. Can you say "rationalization?" TEEHEE.

My sympathies on your loss. I think you will find that playing on the forum truly helps as a coping mechanism.

Looking forward to your halloween pictures.


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LOL Sorry Jeanne, was letting that bit of information about our bus out sort of like telling you "there's no Easter bunny?" Just keep those bags packed 'cause when I hit the lottery (yeah, OA, the lottery that was supposed to generate so much money for our schools!) I'll buy us a big ol bus like all the stars use and have it delivered to Jane so she can "really" come pick us all up! (Why am I not driving it to Jane's you ask? Heck, I couldn't drive that big ol thing!) LOL

Luvs--who better go buy some lottery tickets

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Nana/Karen, Although I am one of the "newer" members of this forum, I just wanted to extend my WELCOME. This is the greatest bunch of dishahoics. We are totally addicted. I feel like a week that I can't add a treasure from my ts shopping is a wasted week. HAHa. I just spent Sunday afternoon trying to convince my DH that although I have plenty of dishes to eat off of, the ones that I was buying were really "collectable" He just doesn't get it. So sorry to hear about your DH. I lost my first DH after 25 yrs., life can sure throw you some curves sometimes. Just hang out with us and we will do our best to bring a little sunshine to your days. Your family heirlooms are beautiful, and you have a gift for using them so beautifuly. I like both sets, but like the other gals, the blue and white set just speaks to me. I was wondering the other day if anyone was using the hand emborderied table linens that were so popular in the 50s when I was growing up. Yours is beautiful. Again, welcome! Janet

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Hi Nana, welcome. I guess Luvs and I are the longest surviving regulars here! :)
Your dishes are lovely, such pretty settings.
I am sorry for your loss, and I hope we can provide you with some dish diversion! :)
Mary who used to be a frequent poster here just lost her dh this month.
I am trying to get her to come back and spend some time with us.

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Oh my Hit Jeanne 'Cold Turkey' with telling her
there is 'No Real Holiday Bus' !! Sorry Jeanne.. we didn't ease you into it. But it's still fun to imagine there's one...Right?? Like Luvs said it would be such fun if we could have one of those 'Rock Star' buses and just drive around visiting each other and actually sit at our pretty tables. Luvs...I'm counting on you to Win That Lottery!
I do drive 'Stick Shift' I'm not too fussy on the type of bus you have Delivered...just make sure it's BIG enough to fit us all! I've got my fingers and toes

Nana...Sounds like your Aunt DID love Blue & White, if all her embroidery was in those colors. I love them too.
I'll be looking forward to your Halloween pics too..


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Nana K, a very belated Welcome. I "ditto" what all the other gals said. And I apologize for taking that shortcut.
I've been missing the action lately, and am behind on posting.
My thoughts are with you on the difficult year you've had.
I hope you stay here with us, I promise this gang is the BEST bunch ever!! We are more like a family with all the caring, support, and good times (plus a few nuts on the tree that keep us laughing).

hugs from the "\'other Karen'

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Thank you all again for your welcome, wonderful comments and support. I am overwhelmed by the talent here. Kathleen, since I'm new here can you tell me more about Tablescape Thursdays? I hope Mary will come back, she may need more time though. My thoughts and prayers are with her. Karen I seem to meet another Karen where ever I go. Do you? I hope to be part of this group for a long time. NanaKaren

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The glasses in the pictures are called boopie glass.I also collect them. I just love them

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NanaK, I never meet any other "Karens"! Weird.
Since you are new here, have you seen the link for our Holiday Inspiration Albums? Plus if you go from them to my Photobucket home album page, you also find a link there for tablesetting albums. It escaped from being in the Holiday section, LOL. But we've got over 1000 photos now, so I think that's a lot of inspiration!

Kathleen, I'm so sorry to hear about Mary's DH. I will keep her in my prayers, and hope someday she can come back to us. I am sure this holiday season will be very difficult for her tho.

hugs, Karen

Here is a link that might be useful: Holiday Inspiration Albums

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Golly! That tablecloth is unbelievable! And I can't imagine using anything but those dishes on it. How fortunate you are to have items filled with such special meaning.

I am sorry to hear about your husband's passing. I hope you will use this Forum to find a bright spot when things start to look gray. People here are very friendly and truly concerned about each other. You're going to love it here!

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Beautiful tables, Nana! I love your plates in the first pics. They're lovely and you've set such a romantic table with them. The blue & white table is stunning. Love your tablecloth . . . love everything!

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