Struggling to pick a flooring material

EngineerChicMay 14, 2012

We are remodling 2 bathrooms & I need to pick a floor. I can't even pick a material right now, I'm in decision fatigue (we built a new second floor - this is the millionth decision I'm making).


Easy to clean

Feels good underfoot (rules out ceramic tile & stone)

Colors: cool blue, green, gray.

I got some samples of a VCT (vinyl composition tile) that I thought would be really durable - this is the stuff they use in grocery stores. But it scratched REALLY easily.

The rest of the house is hardwood, including the room/hallway that leads to these bathrooms. I am at a loss for what to use. The linoleum/marmoleum I've seen isn't in patterns I like. I'm worried vinyl will look cheap. But I really don't like standing on ceramic tile in my bare feet.

Why is this decision so bleeping hard?

Any suggestions? We're going for a classic look - white fixtures, white tiles with black accent pieces, chrome fixtures, and a granite vanity top (White Nepal, it has gray-green-blue tones in it). The vanities are a warm-walnut color ... they are shown with a gray & white marble top but we went with granite for more stain resistance.

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What about heated tile or stone? We have a classic black and white look in our master, and used marble basketweave for the floor. I love the way it feels on my barefeet - almost like a little massage - but our floor is heated, so it's always warm and comfortable. I love standing on it! Good luck with the decsions!

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Are you brave enough to do hardwood? That is what I am going to do in my bath (when life quits getting in the way). I love the look of wood flooring with white vanity, etc.

I currently have HW in DH's bath - been down for about 17 years.


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I was going to suggest Marmoleum, but you said you didn't like the patterns. Have you actually seen them in a store or ordered samples? I find they look different in real life than they do on the computer.

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I did look at the marmoleum samples & I wanted something more "swishy" and less "speckly".

I went back to the store & selected a "Luxury Vinyl" by Mannington. It looks like tile, which is the look I like, just not the feeling. And it feels good underfoot. I brought the sample home to check it against the hardwood floor that will be in the adjacent room/hallway.

It looks good. I saw one floor there I loved but it was nearly black & showed scratches, so again, not a good option.

It's funny, on some things I knew exactly what I wanted & there was no deviating from it. Like - the windows, the doors, the cast iron tub & shower pan, and the door knob rosettes & color of the knobs. And some things were easy - I wanted to match the first floor flooring (2.5" white oak hardwoods). But man, lights and this bathroom floor were REALLY hard to figure out.


Here is a link that might be useful: Vinyl floor

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I'd love to see updates of your second floor addition. :)
And, I like my vinyl floors. I think you will like yours too.

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