Bath Mat Nightmare

ghoghunterNovember 20, 2010

I have this white plastic bathmat that I use in the tub so I can shower without falling. It has these little rubber feet which accumulate this awful black gunk. I tried washing it in clorox in the washing machine but the gunk doesn't come off unless I try to hand clean around every single little round suction cup! Help!! Is there any way I can clean this an easier way? Should I soak it over night? Do I just have to buy a new one? What a mess!


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Every few months I put my bath mat in the dishwasher (without dishes). That black mold disappears and it smells good when I put it back in the tub. Just a thought.

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Wow Jannie I never would have thought of that! Do you put it in the bottom or top rack? I can't wait to try this. What a great idea! Thank you

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The dishwasher - what a brilliant idea!

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Well I ran it through the dishwasher twice and there was still a little of the gunk left and I cleaned again with a dobie this it looks pretty decent and I think if I keep putting it in the dishwasher like every week maybe it will stay OK.

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Putting it in the DW was just a passing thought, not brilliant. I lay the bathmat in the bottom drawer of the DW. It (the mat) has holes so the soapy water can circulate. And I push the no-heat-dry-button so it won't melt. Now that would be a disaster!

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I have had the same problem with the bathmat. I solved it by doing 2 things. I lift the mat up after showering and stand it on end (or as much on end as it will stand). Then I throw it into the washer with the towels every week or so. The towels seem to scrub it in the wash. The black stuff, I think, is mold and mildew.

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Thank you Patty! I do realize I need to wash it more often and maybe the mold won't accumulate. I guess I learned my lesson! I never thought to wash it with the towels either. I'll try that method too.

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Pick up bathmat after shower every time and let dry upside down on side of tub to prevent mold/mildew on suction cups.

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For years I drained my bathmat after every use by hanging it on a towel bar that dripped into the tub. Now, with four people showering, I use my dishwasher.

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