Anyone with a Capital Range in the DC area?

megleybMay 23, 2012

I have been reading everyone's posts about the Capital ranges, and I am sooo tempted to get one. However, I'm a bit nervous to buy one without ever having seen one. I am a working mother with two small children, and really don't have the time to fly up to Boston to view one at Eurostoves (although, it is tempting!!). Does anyone know of any way I can see one in person in the DC area?? We start renovations this summer, so we'll need to make a decision soon. Thank you!

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Appliance Builders Wholesale (ABW) and M&M Appliance sells them. The ABW showroom in Ashburn had a Precision on the floor last year.

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Specific great contacts at the above retailers: Sandy @ M&M Appliance (which sells all products it seems)-wealth of knowledge, busy lady but great once you got her, believe has them on floor ready to review. I think Kim at ABW (but no return phone call). I spoke with Sandy about a different appliance and she was very helpful.

And bargain some over the quoted price.

Good luck.

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I will have one in a few weeks. On order. M&M in DC had one on display when I was there. We ordered from ADU in Takoma Park. They were the cheapest by quite a bit.

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The ABW outlet in the shopping center on Nickelson lane behind White Flint in Rockville has one on exhibit (also Blue Star, American) if you're interested in comparing

Good luck

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Thanks everyone! I will definitely check out the outlet store and compare. Has anyone ever looked at them here in DC, but bought one from Trevor at Eurostoves in MA?

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We got our CC rangetop from ABW but I wouldn't hesitate to buy one from Trevor. We had a lot of things going on (long story) and it simplified things for us to get all our appliances from one supplier. I doubt there is anyone out there who could provide better support than Trevor.

We're in MD just a couple of blocks outside DC if you want to see a CC rangetop, but I understand you want to see a range (and you should look at a range if you're buying one).


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