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AnnicadeApril 4, 2012

I finally found the stone veneer I love. I went to the actual stone making site and did a custom blend. I have some grays and some browns and bone ....about 7 colors. I know many say blend two different kinds together. Do you think with more colors that it takes longer to put on. I am hoping my masonary won't say the job will take longer now...therefore cost more to put on! I looked high and low for a color I liked. so finally I went in the the warehouse and picked a blend of the colors I liked and started stacking it The stone company boxes it in 10 sq. ft. boxes with the blend in each box. is it really much more work??

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Mixing colors usually slows the work down and cost more.

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Especially if the owner wants to stand over the mason and pick out each of the seven(!) colors she wants and where to place them.

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The advice on this site is to blend two different colors types and most manufacture have 3-4 colors per color type... i just customized the shades. I wont be standi g over the mason...i am not that picky. Just picky Choosing the stone color that i will live with forever and want to love. Thanks for the input

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Sophie Wheeler

A 7 color mix would just about double the labor price for the install. If you truly don't love any other blend, then go for it if your pocketbook can stand it. Or, you could get the stone delivered and take a week mixing up the boxes yourself and then all the mason would have to do is grab the right shape---which is harder than it seems as you also have to make sure that the right shape is also the right color. Even if you mix it on the front end, you will still have a more difficult install to make sure the colors are distributed "randomly".

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Just pulled the stone out and it is only 4 it. Talked to masonry and said with there would be no double work even w 7 colors. Maybe a day. So overall great news.

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