Dollbaby Celebrates Summer ...Watermelon Day

jeannespinesAugust 7, 2011

Well, Watermelon Day was actually Aug 3rd so we're a few days late here...but I found this wonderful outfit for Dollbaby at one of my fave consignment stores for $5 & now I can justify spending more because I can pass it on to my Gr'GD! LOL!

Here's a close-up of Dollbaby ...note the little watermelons hanging from the bow from the top of the hat...too cute! And the packet of seed was from St.Vincent DePaul ... 3 pkgs for 25 cts...I bought 21 pks because I loved the illustrations on the seed packs & they were still 2011 seeds!

Here's another view & you can see part of the watermelon platter I got for Dollbaby ... TS or CS earlier in the yr...perfect for her tray!

And here's the full checkered napkins 4 for recent $1 bargain at a CS called "Stuff" ... pink depression glass & her little fork from last yr in MN at CS. She is all decked out with a hat, dress & even matching checkered panties! Had some thong shoes for her but she wouldn't keep them on her they're in a bag for Gr'GD! LOL!

Hope you enjoyed...hope to change out some more summery decor ...but now must get back outside to paint some more siding boards (before they go up on the house)...TFLookin'! Happy belated Watermelon Day! (& they are very yummy right now!) Jeanne S.

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I started on the buffet this evening & did a little brain-storming & came up with this for the buffet shelf to celebrate National Watermelon Day (Aug 3rd) & just ol' plain Summertime month of August!

The chicken print I just bought recently at HLobby for 50% off $12.50...I fell for it because it was a Rooster & it said Farmer's Mrkt on top...(but sadly, it's a Made in China)...I love to change out 'prints' in my house. Also the frame was 'blackish' so it looks good w/the old clock on the buffet.

The wooden candlestick you've seen before & the creamy teapot (both GS or TS finds, the faux candle (w/timer) I bought new this yr... & that box you can't read very well is:

...a WATERMELON box! I got 2 stackable sizes awhile back at a CS shop for about $2 on clearance table (probably 1 is missing cause I think they usually come in 3 or 4).

Maybe some more pics in a couple days ...been working hard so tomorrow is a play day for DH & me. TFLookin'! Jeanne s.

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Oh Jeanne, Dollbaby is so stinkin' cute with her new watermelon outfit. The watermelons hanging off her hat are sweet. And you found a watermelon platter, seed packets to go with her new dress and bonnet. Adding her depression glass matching napkin and for ready for a slice. Sooo Fun.

Now for the buffet...It's all wonderful and you found some neat watermelon boxes for sure. The rooster picture is awesome even if it's from China. Aren't most things from China???LOL

I was looking at some of my painting books with chickens the other night and tried to get excited enough to start painting again but so far not luck. I've never painted chickens but have bought alot of books so I can.

The faux candle w/timmer sounds interesting. I've never heard of this before. So it's electric and came with a timer huh? You tea pot looks good with the chicken pic and the candle holder matches your shelf nicely.

We just purchased some corner lots on Main and the Highway. Super location for our business. I'm hoping things will slow down after we get our building built.(If we can afford to)...Till then who knows, we'll play it day by day.

Sounds like tomorrow may bring some fun for you and DH. Hope you do something you enjoy. I always say Work Hard, Play Hard, we have a set of towels in the camper with this saying on them. Are you done siding the house yet? I stopped at TJ Maxx today on our way to pick up cabinets for the new office and found to pink mercury glass candle holders so that was fun.


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Now that outfit on Dollbaby looks so adorable! I love everything about it and her little
seed packet and Watermelon just too cute!
As far as her barefeet...she looks nice and cool, and
I think the look is perfect for eating watermelon !
Love the ' new look ' on the Buffet...also nice and Summery..Great Rooster Pic...and That Box is a really nice accent... I think all you need is a 'Faux' slice of Watermelon up there!
I think your DH could make you one...just by cutting out a wedge from a log - then painting it - just like the one I have!! In fact, my DH & DGS are getting ready to make some - along with other wood projects, to sell.


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punk & jane...thank you...I'm headed off to bed but needed to ck the forum first...what a great idea about the watermelon slice of wood...would you post your pic again on this thread ...I'll show DH!

punk...the faux candle is battery operated like the ones they've made for some time now...but this past yr or so there's been ones made w/timers in they stay on like 4 hrs or so (maybe 5)...can't remember offhand...I like those because I can put candles up high then & not have to dig them out of a apothecary jar or something to turn them on & off. :-)

punk...exciting news about your business re-location! WOW! Good luck & I hope it makes your work easier for you both! Jeanne S.

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Marlene Kindred

Don't you just love little girl clothes? TOO cute...with the watermelons and the little ones on the hat ribbons too! LOVE it! And she has all of her accessories there with her too...very summery looking.

Love you mantel too...the rooster print is great and your watermelon box is just perfect!

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What a darling little outfit! And the platter and seed packet and pink glass are the perfect accents. She looks so cute! Do members of your family every make comments about her changing outfits? Just wondered. Your shelf looks great and the watermelon boxes were a great find and the perfect tie in to doll babies look. Glad you are taking a "play day" tomorrow--you know what they say about all work and no play. ;o) Luvs

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Jeanne, It is always a delight to see Dollbaby.
She looks so cute in her new outfit, and doesn't seem to mind the heat at all.
I love your shelf. You always put just the right things there.
The watermelon box and the painting of the rooster are perfect together.
I'm going to be on the lookout for those candles.


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Dollbaby is so precious and adorable, she actually moved me to tears today. (guess I'm a bit emotional) I just love her and she's such a special part of our Holiday gang.

That rooster print is fantastic! I was in Hobby Lobby (and Michaels) last week and so many great sales. On one
of the Blogs they were having a party and it featured a lot of rooster decor. I'll have to find the link and share it with you guys. Most everyone loves Rooster it seems. Its a good thing my kitchen is small, that's where I usually kept mine. But the rabbits seem to be taking over everything. sigh.

Your decor on the buffet is always so appealing and this one no exception. Tho sure hard to compete with Dollbaby's collection. LOL.

hugs, Karen

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Thanks, marlene, luvs, nana & karen ...appreciate your comments. family doesn't comment much about Dollbaby...I think they 'roll their eyes' when I'm not looking! LOL! & PM, no more tears over Dollbaby...she should make you smile!

Well it's a week later but had some 'playtime' away from home... a shopping day for DH & me with some friends at a Tanger Outlet Center ...& best of all, this weekend camping w/our daughter, her hubby & 3 kids! Beautiful weather & got away from work at home. (I did get the rest of the siding boards painted)...we're still at it!

I'm getting's the other watermelon box that I mentioned earlier ...ont he right side of the buffet:

Napkins & milk bottle w/ck are new but the napkin rings (4 for $1) & 2 round placemats ($1 ea) are TS finds recently.

Here's a fuller view with column w/wood chick on top (I've posted it before) but I like it there ...sorry pics are a bit's evening & I didn't set up tripod so DR light is my shadowy source of light:

Here's right side of buffet top...a big John Deere pottery bowl...from the company my DH retired it some yrs ago...the milk jar w/creamer top portion you've seen before & just another old TS pitcher jar I like:

Here's front view of the buffet & shelf:

And here's a view that includes Dollbaby & planter beside buffet:

Need to add some more flowers to my wall basket...those are faux ones there. And I found this iron/metal dark green candleholder for $2 at TS & need to see what I want to add to it for table centerpc.

Well, I'm seeing Fall pics quite a bit now on the Forum...I'm still stretching Summer out (like some of you, a late Spring here & hot July). Happy August!!! Jeanne S.

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Tooo cute.
DollBaby looks like she should be dining at my melons and berries table, LOL

I love the buffet decor, especially the rooster picture! I have some rooster/chicken decor in my sunroom and he would look great there.

I can picture a couple of apples or little pumpkins, or pears, or artichokes, or decorative balls, or teacups, or .... the possibilities are endless for that cute candleholder!

Another great job!


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