Rooster Fever Strikes Again

christmascandyAugust 31, 2012

I found these rooster plates several months ago, but since it seems like everyone is posting their rooster dishes, I thought I'd better get in line, LOL

The rooster pitcher was from Ross, and the matching

S & P's are from Big Lots!

The tablecloth was a Ross clearance a few yrs ago.

The gold plates were a GdWl find last Tues. and the little sunflower bowls were ARC last spring. They had a price tag on the bottom that was $21.99 for a pair!! I paid $1.49 ea. The burgundy chargers, blue goblets, napkins, napkin rings, candles, large candleholder holding the pitcher, and flatware are all TS treasures.

The silk sunflowers were also TS finds.

There are 2 of these rooster plates and the other 2 have 2 different roosters, so there are only 3 different roosters total.

I'm really enjoying the colors on this table. I just bought the candles in a box of mixed candles and the yellow was perfect for the table. The yellow candles I already had were too pastel to look good with the strong colors here.

So, cock-a-doodle doo from me too!!



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Absolutly stunning Candy!!
I looove the color combination with this table and the bright colors of the roosters all work perfectly.
Using the blue flatware , glasses and napkins gave just enough of a strong blue to balance the burgandys and yellows.
Fabulous as usual.

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Candy this is such a beautiful 'Country French' tablescape!
I love the rooster plates, pitcher and candleholders.
The color combinations of deep burgundy, touches of blue and the
yellow sunflowers blend so well and create a stunning setting.
Once again, 'gurl'... you got some great it all!

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Marlene Kindred

Beautiful!! LOVE your plates and the color scheme is so inviting and just calls for comfort food I think. You are the luckiest shopper find the coolest tableware at the TS, etc. Ours are always so picked over.

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MM, thank you. I meant to say the matching sugar and creamer were from BL! Duh me! I have seen rooster S & P's, but none that spoke to me enough to buy them, LOL

Jane, I am drawn more to rich deep colors than I am to pastels. Maybe because I am a "winter." ha ha, remember when we used to have our colors done to tell us what season we were based on our skin tones and hair color?

The gold plates were 49c ea at GdWl and 15% off for senior discount woohoo! They are a really heavy ceramic and the label is Tabletops Gallery.

Thanks ladies,

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Marlene, You posted while I was responding. The number of TS's I am able to visit, greatly increase my odds, LOL

I also do a lot of digging through the plates to see what I can find.

I am finding too many though, I need to be more selective as the basement is quite full of dishes.

Thanks for all the compliments everybody. I sure do enjoy
creating the tables and sharing with you all! I also really enjoy seeing evrybody elses tables as well.


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Love your table Candy.
The colors are so vibrant and cheerful!
It's neat that you were able to find the matching sugar bowl and creamer.
The bright yellow plates set the rooster plates off perfectly.
I love the blue napkins and stems and the sweet little sunflower bowls are perfect.
I'm so glad you create your tables and share them with us.
I LOVE looking at them!!

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Another 'Holiday-er' w/something to crow about ! Yay!
I am lovin' this t'scape, candy! It's the sunflowers w/the roosters that certainly grabs attention! Big, bright & bold those rooster plates & the centerpc plus the sugar & creamer 7 the couple of sunflower bowls! Yes, French Country, for sure! Makes me smile!

Your black flatware is wonderful w/the plates as is the bold blue you used in napkins & glassware. Wow...I am glad you shared & I hope you have a big basement cause I love seein' all your tables! Jeanne S.

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Absolutely love the color combination of this table. I don't think my thrift stores even get much in the way of dishes.

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Oh Candy, love all of your roosters! They are so colorful and make this table striking. The plates, sunflower bowls, stems, flatware and layering just beautiful together. Napkin rings really caught my eye too.

Guess we'll wait to see Jeanne's rooster show, then we can fly the coop and get our brooms ready!LOL


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Oh punk...I am so slow this summer outside again , no busy ... later in the month, I'm hoping! My DD was here a few wks back & said, "Mom, I don't think I've ever seen the buffet not decorated." (& it's still not) Aarghh...working on the garden shed re-vamp (which was actually started in April in good weather...but got side-tracked w/some volunteer work ...& then each day passes so quickly!) Gotta love it, uh...I'm lump #2 ...well, now #1 ...I think Jane is back! SMILE! Jeanne S.

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Jeanne, it's ok to play outside while you can. The fair really kicked my butt this year along with the business and DS running for Judge. Not sure when I'll find time to decorate any time soon. I'm thinking it will be fun to jump on here and enjoy everyone elses decor even if I don't do any. I may be lump#2 and then move into lump #1 soon!LOL That's what's neat about our Holiday forum. Someone always jumps in to help entertain us.


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Candy, what great finds. I too love how the yellow set off those rooster plates. I have a few rooster and sunflower things in my small kitchen and they always make me smile, such bright happy colors. As always you found just the right things to go together. Awesome!

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Thanks everbody.
The flatware is actually navy blue but looks black in the photos. I have had a thing for roosters since I was a kid visiting DGP's farm. Except for the mean one that used to attack us when we left the fenced yard, LOL

I am working on a Halloween decoration to be shared later, but obviously not ready for that decor yet, LOL

Thanks again,

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I must have posted on your roosters in my dreams, cause I sure don't see it here! You must know I'd love a rooster table tho ;o)
Those plates are so neat and colorful, I especially like the one in the last picture!

hugs, Karen

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