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localeaterMay 20, 2012

We are remodeling our kitchen and I am finally getting to convert from the electric smoothtop that came with our house to a gas range.

I cook a lot so it is a range for function and not for looks, with budget constraints. I have narrowed it down to two choices the Bertazzoni 30 master series gas range, or the GE Cafe 30 freestanding gas range.

The Bertazzoni comes with a promotion of a free range hood which is a big budget plus. I am ok with the burner capacity of the Bertazzoni but the burner configuration bothers me. The front right burner is only 3400 BTU. Why would I want such a low power burner in the front? How much power is 3400 BTU(remember I currently have electric)? Is that for simmering stock, sauce, jam? Is that enough to keep a simmer?

The GE Cafe comes with a middle fifth burner and griddle which is nice but I don't have one now and can live with out. It also has all the US electronic oven conveniences, like a temp. probe, delay start and cook time options. I like those features and currently use. However, my family is only getting smaller and so I can do without, plus the more electronics the more pieces that break and we live in the country. I was drawn to the Bertazzoni due to its all mechanical construction.

Can anyone comment on the power and usefulness of this 3400 BTU burner and on burner placement?

Can anyone comment on a comparison of these ranges?

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I can not answer your question from experience. I clipped an article I thought useful which offers small reviews on both range manufacturers. I thought you might like to see it.

3400 BTU, btw, is appropriate for more than a simmer, which on gas ranges, are established at lower BTU (350 to 750 seems average as I've read). One thing about gas we look for is reports on even temperatures throughout the oven to allow even cooking. You might want to read up on that by using the sites search engine.

Good luck: the Bertazzoni is indeed an eye catcher. The GE Cafe has nice oven features. Is it the range you open the over door for short delay then it ignites or is that a different European range? If so, you need to be comfortable with this feature.

Here is a link that might be useful: 10 Easy Pieces: Freestanding 36-Inch Kitchen Ranges

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Thank you for sending me the link and for helping me understand the BTUs that equate to a simmer.
The Bertazzoni is indeed the range that needs to be open for a second to light and I actually like that safety feature. I also like that it can be manually lit(i.e. with a match). We live in the country and nothing is more annoying than having the power go out on a half baked loaf of bread (though I have successfully finished off many dishes on our wood stove- lol).

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Have you checked ou the Verona line of 30' ranges? They have (2) 30' options in all gas. The burners go up to 17K BTU and can simmer down to 750 BTU. If you go with their VeronaPro model you can get a range from 450-18K.
The prices are very competitive and from what I hear (I haven't needed to use it yet) their service blows away that of Bertazzoni.

Here is a link that might be useful: Verona Cooking

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