How 2 get ground in tootsie roll out of rug?

laxsupermomNovember 1, 2009

I'm pretty sure it's tootsie roll, anyway. I tried scraping up as much as I could and now I have no idea what to do next. TIA for any words of wisdom.

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Let's hope its tootsie rolls . . .

Call the Tootsie Roll company and ask what they recommend. Tootsie Rolls have a waxy texture and something other than carpet cleaner may work better than my go-to product, Spot Shot.

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My guess is that Tootsie Rolls have sugar and chocolate in them, so you'll need lots of water to get it out. Soapy water, warm water with a good squirt of dish detergent should work. good luck.

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Thanks for the advice guys. I'll try just the warm soapy water first, then call the company.

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Back when the children were little and got chewing gum in their hair my wife used peanut butter to remove it. It worked very well. Do you think that might work for a Tootsie Roll in carpet. Just a thought. Good luck. Gene

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