what size standalone tub in niche?

michoumonsterMay 10, 2012

Hi all, I am trying to figure out what tub size to get for my master bath. I have a 75" niche centered with a window for the tub, pre-sheetrock. Should i max out the space and go for a 72" tub? or should i get a 60" tub and have 6 or 7 inches on either side? the style of pedestal tub i want doesn't come in 66". thanks for any advice!

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Definitely make this decision by the seat of your pants!

In other words, get your butt into the tub in question, if at all possible! If not, into the most similar tub(s) you can find for a comfort test. You'd be AMAZED at the differences. (When bathroom consulting for friends, I always get the funniest looks until I MAKE them get into the tub. THEN they totally get it.)

I am always drawn to the 'gracious' 72" tubs until I actually climb inside, at which point 5'3" me just disappears. My toes can't touch the other side, so I know I'd be struggling to sit at a comfortable angle. The 60" and 66" tubs are sized much better for me.

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How are you planning to get around and behind to clean the floor and walls?

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sweeby, thanks for the advice. i guess i should go test things out. i am just wondering which tub size would look best visually though. i wonder if i put in a 72" tub it would look like it always belonged there, or if it would like someone who tried to squeeze into a tight dress..

hemera, thanks for the question. i haven't really thought about it actually. i think maybe if i have a couple of inches on either side, i could slip a towel through to clean? but that is wishful thinking. i guess the 66" or smaller tub size would probably be the best from a practicality standpoint.

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