Help w/coffee stain - surgery Wednesday!

natesgrammaNovember 1, 2008

I spilled a full cup of instant-coffee. I've done everything I can think of. Blot, used carpet shampooer, several cleaners, and carpet shampooer again. My mixed beige carpet looks horrible.

I have hip replacement surgery Wednesday and am trying to get this taken care of before I can't. From what I've read, instant coffee has a dye and makes it different than percolated. Am I going to have to spray bleach or something? Please help.

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Have you tried an Oxy-clean product and cold water? Hot water will set coffee as a stain!
I've also used the 'Capture' brand of carpet cleaning 'system', found at Lowe's etc. I've
had good luck with it in removing stains! It's a combination of spraying the area first, then applying
a moist powder-cleaner over the sprayed area and then working the stains out with a brush,
that is provided with the product!

I hope you can get it out--and good luck on your surgery!!! :o(

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Hey, thanks for the good wishes on the surgery. I have tried the oxy-clean but in all the cleaning I've done, I used HOT water. I'm afraid I've ruined it for good.

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Spot Shot.

Here is a link that might be useful: Spot Shot

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Resolve works really well on carpet also.

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