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qmarkerAugust 5, 2011

Hello, I'd like an idea or method to do a snowman nose.

There is a link to a 'snowman pail' which I am trying to duplicate but using small white plastic cups like the size you'd get when a pill is being dispensed. These will become candy cups for our Christmas party.

I will use wiggle eyes - cotton balls for earmuffs and a Sharpie for the mouth. My dilema is the orange 'carrot' nose.

I bought orange pipe cleaners but now I'm not sure how to attach them to the plastic cup. Would you poke a tiny hole and stick them partly in or, would you recommend a glue gun?

If I use a glue gun should I bend them a bit on one end or could I make a "V: in order to have a little surface to get stuck in the glue?

Thanks for any ideas or help. I added a link to the one made from a small pail that I am trying to duplicate on a cup.


Here is a link that might be useful: Snowman Pail Link

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How about mixing up a batch of flour, salt and water clay?
Roll little carrots. Let dry. Spray orange. Use a glue gun to attach.

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I'm just a lot inventive but a little bit crafty.

Can you please give me some kind of a recipe, it sounds like fun and the perfect 'nose'

Donna - never heard of clay made that way.

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My first thought was a toothpick...paint them orange, clip w/nail clippers to the size you want...poke a hole in the cup & a dab of glue...a $1 bottle of orange acrylic craft paint.

Other thought was if you had access to any of those "Bright Light" plastic thingy's that the kids used many yrs ago...made pictures & such on a back-lit "Bright Light" board w/holes. Couldn't see the one you found for an example but a pill cup is pretty small. Jeanne S.

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You could buy a couple of candy orange slices and cut little wedges out of them to make the noses and then just hot glue them in place. What I am referring to are the ones that are like a big gum drop, but shaped like an orange slice.
If you wanted more substance than a toothpick, you could use sandwich picks.
Those pill cups are so small that a little triangle of orange felt might work also.
The salt dough recipe is equal parts of salt and flour and then enough water to make it like a thick dough. Bake in a low oven about 275 for 15-20 minutes for something that small.
You could also use something like the Sculpy clay from a craft store.

Have fun!

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My thought was to use a dowel with the circumference that suits your cup and paint it orange. Then saw off the thickness you need and glue it on. You could then dab orange paint on the front of it. That would probably look pretty close to your snowman pail. Incidentally, I think the snowman pail is really cute.


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The "nose" they used is wooden plugs used on church pews or some cabinets.Purpose is to hide the screw for a more finished look. They come in packages at Home Depot or other hardware store, they actually have another "plug" that has little twist marks the length of them(1 1/2 in long & 3/8 in thick or thereabouts) & I think 1 of those cut in 2 in the center would work, my DH built a lot of stuff with wood so I have some in garage, can't remember what they are called. Even old Tinker Toys pieces cut off & make nose more pointy & paint orange. Could maybe get some at thrift shop. If you have 1 of those Am. flags that is worn out on the little dowel, that could be cut. Long wooden matches could be cut & filed to a point I use an inch wide nail file with foam center 1 side is course other finer,got it at beauty supply house. Don't like it for nails, too thick ! Great for crafts. Keep with paint brushes.Cheaper yet is go for walk & pick up little twig pieces. Those might look better natural if they have bark on them. Jan

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Cute snowman pail. I think the glue gun might melt your cups. Lots of good ideas already given but I'll throw another your way.

Some of the orange craft foam from Michaels or a craft store should work. You could cut it the shape and size you'd like. Could use a marker or craft paint and make little lines if you want it to resemble a more real life carrot. You might be able to use double stick tape or the little squares used for scrapbooking to attach them to the cups.

I'll share a few I've painted that may help with ideas. Thanks for sharing this cute pail idea with us. Hope you will share your finished project with us.


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Donna...hope something will help you out here!
punk...all your snowmen are so darn your tole-painting! Jeanne S.

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Lots of ideas for noses. And Punk, your snowmen are adorable. I love them. You do such good work.


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How about a orange jelly bean or a gumdrop.


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