Can you install a Wolf steam oven under a cooktop?

barbjaMay 6, 2013

I'm considering getting a Wolf steam oven. However, I don't have much flexibility for where to put it in my kitchen.

What do you guys think about installing this oven under a cooktop?

The instructions don't show this option for installation but the doc says it is 'approved for use' with a Wolf cooktop, whatever that means.

Have any of you done this? How about mounting it under-counter in general? I'm not worried about it being too low to use. I'm worried that it may be too hot to use the cooktop when the steam oven is in use (steam coming out or something).

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I can't say for certain if this would void a warranty or anything like that, but no steam comes out during the cooking process, at least none that I have ever observed on my unit.

If you open the door while in the middle of cooking steam will come out though.

I have mine mounted in a tall cabinet but it is below a Wold convection micro-wave. I have not had any issues with either unit.

Hope that helps,

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I have a double oven cabinet that I could put it in (I'm taking out an oven/built-in micro). However, I'm planning to put two Advantium ovens in that cabinet (sad, but true).

The only time I use my oven is when I'm cooking for other people (which is only about 2x/yr). I find myself wanting another microwave all the time, so that's what I'm going to do. The speed cook is going to be an extra awesome bonus.

Having to go gluten free has severely curtailed my oven needs.

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I have to say that we hardly use our micro-wave any longer after getting done with our remodel.

We mostly use the steam oven to reheat things now, it comes out so much better. It does take longer than a micro-wave, but it is so worth it to us.

I am still glad we have a micro-wave though, not sure I could live without one totally.

Best of luck to you.

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After reading as much as I possibly can about the Wolf, I am now considering getting just one Advantium and the Wolf steam oven. I'd mount the Advantium over the Wolf (with trim) in the double oven stack.

Then I have the choice of doing the following later:

1) Get a full-size oven if I miss it and put it under the cooktop.
2) Get another Advantium if I really want it and relocate the Wolf.
3) Do nothing because what I did was awesome!

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Oh, i was so confused and was just going to suggest having the Advantium over the steam.
I cannot imagine missing an oven under the cooktop. I was thrilled to have (finally) wall ovens.
I like my most used pots and pans under my cooktop.

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My current cooktop is a downdraft so almost nothing can go under it because of the gigantic blower motor and ducting. All of my pots and pans are in an island (just turn around). It works out pretty well. Its only about 4' wide, but it has functional doors on both sides, so there's no "way in the back" going on.

If I'm happy with just the two (small) ovens, when I replace the cooktop and downdraft, I will have two gigantic drawers on full-extension glides installed under the cooktop. That's my idea of storage heaven.

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