common frameless shower door height?

janesylviaMay 1, 2013

Tiles surrounding my stall shower go all the way to the ceiling. What height should I pick for the shower door?

Thank you very much.

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I just measured mine, the glass is 78" high, the base would add another few inches (not made yet), glass is leaning against wall, haven't installed it. I think the main thing is that it is at least as high as your showerhead if you have one on the wall and not overhead.

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Thank you very much, raehelen. The shower head is 72.5" high from the shower step. So in my case maybe 75"-high glass would be enough, letting me squeegee a little less space :-).

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Generally the average height is anywhere between 72" and 76", but also varies depending on the shower head height.

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My shower door company told me that the doors come standard in 72", 76", and 80" height. Of course, they could custom make a door at any size, but my cost would be less if I went with one of these sizes. This is just the height of the door not including the curb.

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Millworkman and TSG1104, thank you very much for your information, very helpful. I'll ask what standard height doors they carry and go between 72" and 76".

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