Clean olive oil off the ceiling!?

jax1723November 20, 2010


My wife decided to re-fill the olive oil bottle and someone managed to get it on the ceiling (that is not a typo, I did write ceiling -- apparently the basic laws of physics did not apply that afternoon). The ceiling is the typical flat/bright/white ceiling paint. This happened within the past week (just noticed it now) and I haven't attempted to clean it at all yet. I was wondering what my best course of action is? Hoping to avoid having to repaint the whole thing.

Thanks for any suggestions!

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I would try Dawn dishwashing soap, I find that the best thing to cut through grease. Others here may have better advice for you :>) Good Luck !!

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When I was a teen, I poured myself a glass of grape juice and started to run from the kitchen. Yes, I tripped over my own feet and grape juice went on the ceiling. It stayed there till my parents repainted the ceiling. Hope you don't have to do that.

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I would try a cleaning eraser such as Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. I also like Simple Green - it's a great degreaser.

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I would try to absorb the oil...pat on something like corn starch and then gently brush it off....repeat. The object is to absorb the oil without making a ring or removing an area of paint.
Good luck with that!!!
Linda C

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Ceilings are typically painted with flat paint, which means that a touchup could be done. You could use just paint, assuming you have been able to remove the oil completely from the surface. If you don't get all the oil out, you need to prime the area with a stain hiding primer, then touch up the area with your regular paint.

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If Dawn doesn't work, try Simple Green. It is a fantastic grease cutter.

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A little Kilz might disguise the spot.

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