Black glass cooktop

blue_velvet_elvisNovember 3, 2007

I've read through all the posts here and seen how others are handling the black glass cooktops. I've tried the suggestions and they're not working for me. I was hoping has either a way they haven't previously suggested or some new magic product to purchase.

I spend more time cleaning the stove than I do using it at this point. It's always smeared and streaky looking. It's driving me bonkers.

Recently I purchased a Weimans product for glass cooktops. They make it hazy AND smeary and streaky. There has to be something, right?

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Try oven cleaner. It works great on glass.

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Any particular brand? That is one thing that never crossed my mind. I have always had a self cleaning oven and no need for over cleaner.

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I have a black glass cooktop and don't think it is any more trouble than any other glass cooktop... except I have never had any other color!

When done doing the dishes, I wipe the cooktop with the soapy dish cloth to get any grease, etc off. I then use Cerama-bryte or something like that. My bottle is so old that I can't read the label anymore. I have had the cooktop for over 5 years and am still on the same bottle. I would think any glasstop cleaner would work. I just use a small spot of it... about the size of a quarter. I use a couple of wet papers and scub the top. I then take dry papertowels and buff it. Takes me about 3 mins to do it all-- if that long. Looks shiny and bright when I am done!

I also take a razor blade to it when ever there is anything that gets cooked on--usually in the step between wiping with the soapy dishcloth and using the ceramabryte.

I think the secret is wiping the grease off BEFORE using any type of cleaner, use minimal amounts of cleaner and buffing off with the papertowels.

I don't think it is a job to clean my glass top and it always looks good!

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I scrape whatever I can off of the cook-top before cleaning. I then spray with 50/50 white vinegar and water (it's what I use for general cleaning) and sprinkle with baking soda. Let it sit for a bit and then wipe up baking soda. It takes some elbow grease but I don't use any chemical cleaners so for me it's worth it. My stove is 10 years old and the top looks brand new. Now the inside......

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Weissman's (spell?) works great. You just need to take a damp paper towel to wipe off the haze/smear, after you use the product. I use it regularly without any problems.

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I think the wipe with a damp towel after using [whatever] product is a good suggestion.

I have used the stuff that came with the stove, something from BBB and something the wife bought and all look much better after a wipe with a damp [usually paper] wipe.

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I solid black (shiny) cooktop will never look as clean as a speckled one. If you do manage to get off all the smears/streaks, then you have dust settling on it to contend with. That's why I finally got KithcenAid to exchange the shiney black on for the speckled one that they put on their stainless model. Just like a black car, it's beautiful...for a few minutes (g)

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Monica.. I agree! They are like a black car :) I do enough cooking so that mine is cleaned daily and I don't think it is that big of a deal to clean it...

When, and if, I ever replace my stove, I plan on getting a speckled top. I just think they look much nicer!

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I now have a dark purple ring inside the burner on my black cooktop. Any ideas on how to get rid of that..................................

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I sell appliances - including Monogram and Kitchen Aid. As posted above - the speckled will always look better than solid color. On cleaning: NEVER clean ceramic glass with anything that has amonia in it. It will break down the tempering in the glass and could cause it to break. Never wipe up a spill while the surface is hot/warm. Glass is porous, when warm, the pores open. If you wipe, you are actually forcing the debris into the pores. That's why it looks dirty. You may try steam cleaning/pressure wash. Someone used to make a pressure steam cleaner - it may be able to get into the pores and force the dirt out. I know that works great on grout! good luck.

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I have a black cooktop and use a Mr.Clean eraser to get any stubborn grime, and then clean it off with the same water and alcohol mixture I use on my stainless steel. Works great!

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I used to have a GE black glass top which I loved. Dealer gave me something creamy to spread on. Took just a little rubbing. Wiped off. Left a scum which had to be rinsed off. Worked great! There is some grease that sticks while cooking that won't come off with simple wiping after cooled down. Then I bought something just like it in the grocery store. Same consistency. Worked great!

Now, I'm in another state. Another black glass top. Found Weiman's in grocery store. It is liquidy and smell like Windex and does only light cleaning. Wish I remembered the name brands I used to get.

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