Removing rust from bathtub....need help

fiddledddNovember 17, 2011

I've spent the past hour looking for the answer to my question on several of the forums, but I haven't read anything specific to bathtubs and/or toilet. We bought a duplex that has been vacant for awhile, and there are some rather bad rust stains in the bathtub. It's the original steel tub that came with the house (year 1920). It's sound structurally, so we'd like to clean it up if possible. Any ideas on how to make the tub sparkle again?

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Try whink rust stain remover, brown bottle can buy in grocery store.

Good luck

Here is a link that might be useful: Linky

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Thanks for the suggestion. I researched Whink on, and it gets great reviews for removing rust. We'll give it a try.

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testing (sorry)

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It will remove all the rust. You can even use it on clothes. Great stuff.

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Barkeeper's Friend always worked for me. You can also try CLR.

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Zud is a powerful cleanser too.

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If you use bleach on a porclin tub it will cause a rust stain. To remove the brown spots soak it with regular household peroxide. Try never to allow bleach products such as tilex, or other mold cleaners near the tub. Clr is ok as is clorox2 to clean your tub. Good luck!

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