Black white and blue table

milosmom_gwAugust 25, 2010

Hello everyone!

I'm still alive... lol , regular life has just really taken over the last couple of months and not left me much time to play.

Now that school has started for the human kid and we're getting back into a "normal" routine, hopefully I can get back here more ofton. I've told myself I AM going to get my ducks in a row for fall and Christmas decorating as that's the season I live for all year long anyways.

37!! (YIKES) days till the wedding and I should be able to access all the stuff in the basement storage area without having to dig through all the packed away wedding stuff sitting in front of it first.. lol

The camera batteries have been dead but I did get this table done week before last and snapped these pics today. It's going away this evening in favor of something else but I wanted to share it first.

The tablecloth is one of my new finds from a recent TS excursion.It started out as just material for sale but there was enough so it became a t.c.

Never in my life have I "loved" snake prints but I must be going through an age phase as I notice I keep gravitating towards the snake print purses, shoes ect and this tablecloth was ~perfect~.

I'll shutup now and post the

the table.

the side cabinet..

hope everyone is doing well and I look forward to stopping in more ofton. :)

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Great to see a beautiful table and side cabinet from you again. I really like the cloth. You had enough for both. Woohoo I haven't gotten into the snake prints look but love the leopard for tops. They seem to go with everything for me and are very dressy.

Your white plates with the sugar and creamer to match looks elegant. What are you going to replace this with tonight? Is your spider plant real? Sure is nice and full.

37 days, I'm so excited for you and can hardly wait to see all your pictures at the castle in your beautiful wedding gown. Gotta go get DGD so will stop yaking for now.


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Very nice tablesetting. I like this color choice of Blue/Black & White. It's such a nice combination, especially with that fabric. That snake print is so different and sets everything off in such a striking way. I can also see it paired with reds too.
I was laughing over your 'snake print attraction'...I think we all go through phases of some sort every now and then...and I guess you've discovered 'Snake'...
I see it in the form of your 'Snake Plant' too, on your sideboard!! I can see why Punk asked if it was real, it sure is a healthy one and really makes a nice statement.

Wow, 37 days, I guess it's the official 'countdown' now to your Big can see we're all excited for you.
Enjoy each day to come...It soon will be such a 'blurr' when it's all over.
Try to keep us updated whenever you can.


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Good for you, MM! Ahhh, 37 days & counting...enjoy the countdown!

Ummmm...I've got kind of an aversion to that critter! Matter of fact, I'm getting a knot at the back of my neck right now! LOL! So, I am visualizing this t'cloth as Christmasy "silver" ...& it looks GREAT with the B&W dinnerware! :-) Love the combo of black napkins, white candles, & clear glassware...and then, whamo...the bright blue plates! And I always love that you create a vignette on your sideboard! TFS, MM! Jeanne S.

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MM, that snake material is striking. Pun intended!
Seriously tho, the way you've decorated with it is lovely.

Your plant (they are called Spider plants here) is really a big beauty! I'm quite envious of it. I have some outside, tho they aren't the striped variety unfortunately. As long as they are in the shade, they take our ridiculous heat just fine. 110 today, sigh. I love spider plants and am tempted to try your variety inside now.

How exciting!!

hugs, Karen

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Thank you all.
I sure wish I could take credit for the spider/snake plant but alas, it's silk... Can't have live ones due to the ever adventurous cat.

Jane: I also thought "RED" when I started looking at the print and you can be sure I'll be giving it a go in the near future.

Jeanne: That's funny. Strangely enough I haaaate snakes in any form or fashion as a live creature but for some reason a material pattern doesn't phase me. lol

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Is that a hanging chandelier that you are using for the centerpiece? I like that a lot.

Keep using deep breaths as you get closer and closer to the big date.


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I'm with Jeanne on the "snake" anything--but if I just think of this as black/white print, it is very nice. Great that you had enough for your side table as well. Are the handles on your silverware blue too, or maybe that's a reflection from the pretty blue of the plates.

37 day! That time is gonna fly by so fast! Can't wait to see pictures of the big event.


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OA : No, it's a regular brass candelabra that I piled stuff on. I found 4 different ones on a TS outing thinking I might use them for the wedding but decided to go a different direction instead. Not a waste though as they are all perfect for the home table as well.

Luvs: Yes, the silverware handles are a deep blue as well. I was at Big Lots plundering one day and just happened upon them.

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I love the table, the white plates against the blue chargers is striking. I always talk myself out of buying chargers Now I won't be able to resist. NanaKaren

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Beautifully done, although I am also not a fan of critters without shoulders. The colors are very dramatic and I really like your flatware.

Are you all ready for the wedding or are there still last minute preparations to be completed?


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I'm done for the most part but there's still those few last minute decisions to make and things to get done but nowhere near as far off as it was a few short months ago.
Thanks for asking :) , 32 days!! to go.

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