has toto drake been discontinued?

logastellusMay 14, 2013

it doesn't show up on toto's website for some reason..?


drake I or drake II - both are missing...

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I don't click on links, so I can't check your link, but it shows up when I look on their website. It looks like you're probably searching for 1.6 gpf, but the Drake is 1.28 gpf.

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Where do you see it? It shows up if you search but not available from the suite list:

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Babka NorCal 9b

Drake, Eco Drake, Drake I and Drake II are still there. You are looking at "suites" and there probably aren't matching sinks etc to go with Drakes, so try selecting "None" on the left had column of the page you pictured. I had your same problem when I was looking for a toilet on their website. Unless you select the "correct" buttons and options, you won't get to see a lot of what is available.


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I went to Toto's site and searched for elongated two-piece toilets and came across what I believe is the Toto Drake 1.6gpf. (I also checked to see that the 10" rough in is also still on their site since that's what I used in my home.) The Eco Drake is 1.28gpf (and I have one) and I notice they also list a Drake II as 1.28gpf, though I'm not certain the difference between the two. Several years ago a supplier told me that the Drake (1.6gpf) was discontinued and that I was stuck with the Eco Drake 1.28gpf. But then about a year or two later I picked up a Drake 1.6gpf, so my confidence in suppliers knowing when a particular product is discontinued has severely decreased.

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We just had a Toto Drake II installed a few months ago. No, they have not been discontinued and yes, they are on their website. Nice toilet btw. The Sanagloss is a huge plus!

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What you are saying is right , because the ultramax is not showing on this list either . I just bought it , but not yet installed .

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I just checked the TOTO USA site and found the Drake II under products (not suites). It is 1.28 with Double Cyclone flush. The skirted version is Vespin II.

We just had two Drake II and one Vespin II installed. All have SanaGloss. So far, we are liking them.

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