Hood Insert for 36' Induction- is this good?

2LittleFishiesMay 8, 2012

The appliance guy at Ferguson said this one would be good for our 36"

induction cooktop. What do you think? I want a good one but not

crazy expensive either. It's 800 CFM. Is this a good model? Anything else to consider? Noise? Lights?

Here is a link that might be useful: Best/Braun

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If only appliance guys would bother to familiarize themselves with the understood facts of kitchen ventilation, it would improve both the equipment available for sale and the resulting kitchens. The number that do can probably be counted on one finger, perhaps with a name starting with T.

The hood needs to overlap the cooktop to achieve capture. I'll be more stringent and write that the aperture needs to overlap the cooktop. See many threads on hoods in this forum. This unit, if 27+ inches in the long dimension as implied by the link, is not long enough unless the cooktop is only about 18 inches wide. It also appears to be insufficiently deep (front to back)

800 cfm (or what actually flows given pressure losses) may be enough to contain the effluent that is captured by this undersized-for-your-needs unit. Flat mesh apertures require high flow rates to avoid effluent escape at the interface.

In-hood fans will generally be noisier than roof mounted or in-line fans.

Selecting adequate while aesthetic or affordable kitchen ventilation components is a significant aspect of a kitchen reno, and very likely a major distraction to most hoping to define their traditional appliances, cabinets, and counter surfaces and get on with construction. It is a time tax that must be paid if grease and odor are to be contained.


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Thanks! OK, I just called Best/Braun and Thermador to get a bit more educated on the inserts. You are SO right that the appliance guys are clueless (at least the few I have spoken with). They don't give me ANY info. I was hoping this was one thing I wouldn't have to research but I guess that's not the case : )

My appliance list is ready to go but need to straighten this out first.

I have to ask GC about external mounted blower or if we need to do interior. Also, they mentioned an inline blower which goes in the attic correct??

What is recommended. For exterior, how large are these? Are these big eye soars for the roof or are they small sized? Sorry, no clue.

OK, any advice is welcomed! Oh, Thermador didn't really have a CFM recommendation but the 2 of their blowers that were recommended with the cooktop we chose was 600 and 1000 cfm. Sounds like I'll go for 600...

Oh, also some come with a liner, but my KD says he makes his own to match so I don't need that. I wonder if they are expensive or if they are just a "throw away" piece that people either decide to use or not?

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An exposed hood is called a hood, and a covered enclosed hood is called a liner (and doesn't need to be polished on the outside) The blower, or motor/fan assembly, can be in the hood, in-line in the ducting, or on the outside of the house (roof or wall). Configurations vary. Size grows with cfm.

Sites such as Broan's and Abbaka's should provide dimensional information for exterior planning. My 1500 cfm (rated) exterior fan from Wolf (made by Broan) is (working from memory here) about 10 inches high, and 18 inches square. It uses a radial fan blowing down the roof. I believe the Abbaka fans are of this configuration.

Another type, often seen on restaurant roofs, is the "up-blast" fan. I have a "dwarf" 1000 cfm version bought some years ago from NuTone, now used for oven area ventilation. It is maybe 20 inches tall by 15 inches in diameter. See Greenheck's website for images of up-blast fans.


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