Would you go for LG Washer & Dryer in these circumstances?

suesan_2008November 19, 2008

I have to buy a new washer and dryer from Sears because I live in a small town and need them delivered. I'm not looking at anything over $1000 each, and would like front load, and large capacity so I don't have to take the quilts to the laundry mat; however if there's something highly recommended of smaller capacity, I'd certainly consider it. Another consideration is noise. I was looking at some Maytags but a search here revealed really bad reviews. The LG Neo 2 Washer is $950 and the matching dryer is $750 (cdn). This would be major purchase for me.

Does anybody have experience with LG products, especially their appliances? Would you recommend something else instead from Sears?


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Don't buy from Sears or Kenmore. I've had nothing but trouble.

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Thanks Jannie. Sears does leaves a bad taste in my brain too, but there is nothing else in my town. . . my last major purchase from Sears was Kenmore stainless steel stove and fridge. Not long after getting the stove, oven grime began accumulating between the two panes of the oven, there's unremovable white marks on the black ceramic top of the element that I use the most, and one of the fridge baskets broke.

Well, I'm about an hour away from two major cities and have a jeep liberty. So maybe it would be better to make 2 trips & rent a dolly or something.

So I'll start researching the reviews, but if anyone can recommend their favorite washer and dryer for $2000 or hopefully less, it would be much appreciated. Should add that we will be selling the house within 1 or 2 years, so I suppose the washer and dryer should also be appealing to home buyers too. I know nothing. Thank you.

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You may want to cross post on the Laundry Forum.

Here is a link that might be useful: Laundry forum

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Thank you greywings. I only noticed that forum after posting here. Apologies. Just reading it is actually helping me a lot.

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I love my washer and dryer. They dry and clean unbelievable! BUT, the only complaint I have is we had them upstairs for the first year we had them and they literally made so much noise from the vibration you could hear it outside. It really damaged my house. We ended up prepping the garage to accommodate laundry and they are now on concrete. The problem was instantly fixed.

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I got my LG washer and dryer five years ago at Best Buy. They were a new brand then and we were hesitant but the sales lady told us they were up and coming and should be reliable. Since LG was new then they were much cheaper I think I paid $600 for the washer and $400 for the dryer. I really like them and they've been working great. The only problem I ever have is when I was the dog bed dog hair gets stuck on the bottom of the door between the door and the gasket. If I don't clean it out the door will leak a little bit (maybe an eighth of a cup) because the gasket won't get a good seal. I'd buy an LG again though and I actually just recommended one to my neighbor.

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I took delivery on LG washer and dryer today (not Neo, but a super-capacity pair). I love them, and will keep your tips in mind! The delivery guy asked if I had done research on choosing these - yes - because, he said they really are great machines. They were at the top limit of my budget of 2000 for the pair including taxes, but I feel okay with that: they are so quiet, efficient, clean great, and look nice to boot. . . .The saleswoman said that if I had wanted Maytag, she would have tried to talk me out of it. They are actually in a lawsuit.
Thanks again everybody!

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