Oven dilemma - WWYD?

cottonpennyMay 5, 2012

Looking for 30" double ovens. Honestly, I don't bake that many sweets like cookies or cakes. I do sometimes bake bread, but mostly I use the oven for roasted meats, fish and veggies.

I was set on the Electrolux ones before we even started building, due to reviews here. But of course, costs are adding up so every little bit saved helps.

At the stores I visited, they heavily pushed Jenn Air and Kitchenaid. I can get a KA double convection floor model for $2400. Both stores heavily discouraged me from Elux saying they were hard to service/hard to get parts. Who knows what the real reason is.

Of course, I could always buy Elux from Sears or AJMadison. My builder would likely not be that happy and it would probably be more of a headache for me. Plus they would cost $600 more.

A smaller consideration is that the KA handle would perfectly match my KA fridge handle, but I think Elux would look OK too..

I was set to settle on the KA, but today I read that the KA ovens only go down to 170. So I wouldn't be able to use them for bread proofing. The Elux goes down to 100. I've gotten by without this function so far but it seems like something I would actually use...

WWYD? Get the cheaper KA or piss off the builder and buy the Elux?

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I have a KA double convect oven and it does have a bread proofing mode where it sets the temp to 100 degrees. It is true the regular 'bake' temperature only goes to 170.

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boschboy - thanks! do you like the KA oven?

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I do like my KA oven. I, like you, do not do a lot of baking. I use it for broiling, roasting meals etc. I really like the bread proofing for when I make my pizza dough. I never had an oven with that feature and it does a great job helping the dough rise.

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