I'm trying to post my first tablescape ever & need help!

dishcindeeAugust 29, 2010

Is there anyone here today that can give me baby-step instructions?

thanks! dishcindee

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Sure, I use photobucket to post photos. Do you have an account with them or another photo sharing site?

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hummm, I posted a reply right away alex9179, must be lost in space.
my pix are in Kodak Easy Share, but i've never used easy share before. i'm really computer illiterate.


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OK, I haven't used that either but I'll try to help. When you get into your album, you want to look for the HTML code. In photobucket, I bring my cursor to the pic I want and a "Share" box pops up with different codes. I click on the HTML code in the box once to highlight it. Right click for menu and select "Copy". Switch to this screen where you are writing your post, click the message box where you want the pic placed, right click mouse and select "Paste". The code should show up for you. After you select "Preview Message" below, you can see the actual photo in your post. Then hit submit message.
Just an FYI, put your cursor where a new paragraph would start for each photo. If you don't, the page expands like crazy and it's not as nice to view the pics.

So, see if those directions make sense with Kodak :)

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I don't have a photobucket account so I use tinypic.com

I right click on a picture in my easy share album. Then choose edit. Once that picture comes up, go to image and click on that, from the drop down menu, choose stretch and skew. I use 45% 45% and hit enter, Then I go to my file menu and choose save as and save it in My Documents with an appropriate name.

When you are trying to post here, minimize this screen, then go to google and type in "Tinypic.com"

Once it comes up, go to browse and then go to your documents and choose the picture you saved. Click on the name of the picture. Tinypic will ask you to type in 2 words to load your picture. Once you have done that, choose the top address line, click on that and choose copy, then click on this site that you have minimized, and right click and choose paste.

You can keep going back and forth between the sites to add more pictures to your post.

It sounds more complicated than it is, and believe me, if I could learn how to do it, anybody can. I am not computer savvy in any way!

Hope that helps,

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