Old marble holy water font

SteveningenNovember 15, 2007

Hi folks. Hoping someone might have some tips for me. 30 years ago, I worked for a college in San Francisco. The school was housed in former Catholic middle school, complete with chapel. When we moved in, tucked away in a boiler room covered in slopped latex paint was this:

It's solid marble holy water font and Carrera if I'm not mistaken. They were going to throw it away! I said uh-uh and took it home, spent a couple of days gently removing the paint and it's been with me ever since.

It's grown pretty grubby over the years and I'm wanting to get it cleaned. Is this something I should have professionally done or can I do it myself? It also has some damage just below the basin. Would it be worth having it repaired?

Thanks for any tips!


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You should be able to clean it yourself.

I would only have it repaired if the damage interfered with my use of it. Since you probably are not using it as a water font, I wouldn't fix it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cleaning Carrera marble

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Thanks for the response graywings. Very helpful link! And I'm sorry I responded so late. I've had a problem with time management lately.



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I think it would look lovely with a large boston fern inside. Would any product used to clean marble countertops etc. work? I would not worry about repairing.

Brings back nun memories!

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