Choosing a free standing tub is going to kill me!

aggieroseMay 8, 2014

Ugh. I've been looking at tubs for so long that I can't see straight anymore! I want a basic, 65-68", double slipper, modern looking free standing tub that doesn't cost an arm and a leg! We don't want to spend more than about 1800 on a tub. I've found many options in our price range, but not the double slipper with a modern look. Does anyone know of a place to go online to find some other options? I've exhausted everything I can find. Our master bath remodel is on hold until we choose a tub. Thank you!

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This one isn't exactly a slipper tub. And I don't know how much it costs. It's from Porcelanosa. I thought they only did tile.

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This one is called the Catherine and it seems to be reasonably priced.

I know how frustrating it can be to search and search. If there are things you don't like about the ones above just post your feedback so some of us can help narrow down the search.

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Thank you Lotteryticket. I love the first one and that's actually exactly what I'm wanting. Is that not a slipper tub? The ones I've seen online have been described as slipper tubs. I called the store for that one and it is $5,369.00. Every one that I have found that looks like that seems to be in the 3-5K range, which is much higher than we can pay. The second one isn't really our style. We do want the oval shape, and I want to make sure it has a nice slope on the end so it's comfortable to lay in. I saw the Mozzano by Victoria Albert in a showroom and I really liked it, but it was in the 3K range. It had a 40 degree slope on one end and was really comfortable. I would love recommendations! I'm going crazy and getting more frustrated every day since this is causing our project to come to a complete standstill!

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I assume for that price the tub is cast iron. Have you looked at acrylic tubs which will be a lower price? Durability???

Amber Double Slipper Bathtub $800 @ Menards

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Check out Vintage Tub and Bath. They have a page of contemporary tubs, some w/in your price range:

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Jean Bo

Check Costco.. they have a few tubs, one is just under 1200.00 that is very contemporary and pretty. Not exactly the shape you are seeking but the price is much lower. Here is the model number to one of them. Item #433190

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Check Signature Hardware online - they have lots of double ended tubs in all different styles - plus a large number are in your price range :)

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A little bit over your price target, but included air massage. It's from SanSiro, though I've never heard of them.

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Another vote for Have ordered twice from them and been very pleased.

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This one is by Barclay and is currently showing as $1651 with an additional 5% off at efaucets. I have no experience with them -- just my first hit on the google search.

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This one seems too good to be true! But if it is, Amazon's good about returns...

Aquatica PureScape 701

Here is a link that might be useful: Cast stone slipper tub

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We have had a Victoria Albert, Asia model on our last two homes. I wasn't really looking for it last year when we did Stage I of our re-model but it was on display at the local plumbing supply house and I got a very good price taking that floor model. It is a nice reasonably compact double ender and the support blocks give it a more modern feel that the typical claw foot set-up.

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