Laundry layout help please - Dutty got me thinking :)

Momto3kiddosApril 12, 2012

I am trying to figure out the right layout for my laundry room. It is 11'1" x 11'5". Below is my idea. The entrace can be from either wall backing to the hall, but I do need a coat closet along the wall where it is drawn. Here are a few requirements...

Lots of counter space for folding with laundry baskets below counter for kids to put away own clean laundry. Small sink since I have a large sink in garage area - I will not be using laundry sink for big, dirty jobs... probably just spot cleaning as I can't remember the last time I actually hand washed something. I am thinking of a drawer ironing board on the cabinet wall, and even if I decide against it, I would like room for my ironing board. I tend to iron in batches, so the hanging clothes would be a high rod with laundry sorting bins in lower half. I am not sure if I want the linen closet to be accessed from hall as well. I have another small closet near by to keep linens in, but extra sheets, blankets and beach towels take up a tremendous amount of space!

Also, I sew occasionally, but usually it is a large project and I don't forsee having room in here for that - curtains, duvet covers, and the like. I may set up an area over the cabinets for a wrapping station, but still thinking on this. Please give me other ideas/suggestions.

Sorry for the smart draw watermark - I am trying it out. I didn't realize until after I tried it and liked it that it is almost $200!!! My cheif architect will have to get me by. :)


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I like this layout. And, out of context of your house, it is hard to comment on which hall the door should be located. But, this layout is very functional and I think it would work nicely.

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Thanks kirkhall - I will link to a thread with my floorplan, but FYI the 4 kids/guest bedrooms are all located right off this hall that surrounds the laundry.

Here is a link that might be useful: link to thread with floorplan

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Oh, yes. I love your plan. (I never remember names, though...just who I am--can't remember names of composers I like, or book titles, or authors either).

Either location will work fine. But, I think I would probably put it on the bedroom hall (the one that runs up and down on the plan, rather than side to side). I think if you use the guest room as a guest room, it would be nicer to not have the laundry room door right there.

However, for your convenience, you should do what you like best (since either is really fine). If it would be easier for you to hear the beeps and remember to change the laundry if the door was nearer the living spaces, then put it on the guest hall hall.

(But, for this reason (of hearing the beeps in the main living spaces), it might be nice to not have the door on that hall.)

Confused yet? :) Really, I like your plan.

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Thanks kirkhall - Your feedback has been great along the way. Don't worry - I never remember anything either! I think it is a blessing. I can watch and entire movie and not remember until the last 5 minutes that I have seen it before. Imagine how painful it would be to have to knowingly re-watch a movie. :)

I am already very forgetful with my laundry and the laundry is right off the kitchen. I am going to have to find a way to broadcast the beeps over the entire house, so I don't think which hall the door is on will make much difference for me. I am just hoping to train the kids to handle it within a few years. Wishful thinking!

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I like your plan too!

re: the linen closet: I think it would be more handy to access it from the hall. However, if it opens to the hall at the left, then it will be deeper front to back and narrower side to side, so things in the back might be harder to see. That made me think of an idea I saw on the decorating forum that I really liked: they turned a regular linen closet into a combo cabinet/drawers set up:

I think the drawers would make it easier to retrieve things that are stored down low. You could consider roll out shelves for the upper part (unfortunately I know I'm talking about more money...) The narrower doors won't take up as much space with door swing. Plus I think it looks really nice. :)

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Thanks chicago - I found another place to put my coat closet, so I think I will make the existing linen closet larger and have double doors from the laundry side and the hall - on the long end of the closet. There is a hall along both walls. I realized I had a small linen closet across the hall from this one which would work better for guest coats and also allow me to consolidate all the linens for this side of the house. My mom has a similar configuration for her linen closet and it works well. I love the look fo that closet/drawer builtin you posted. Maybe I can figure out a place to use it elsewhere. :)

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