clean grout or repaint?

cindiw2November 25, 2009

My grout got really dirty, sometimes the lines are black grunge, sometimes they're beige, the original color. Suggestions for cleaning the grout would be welcome. Also, what about painting the grout? My color is beige, not white. Suggestions also welcome. Thanks.

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There are several household things that will clean grout and many products on the market. A list of the household products is at this site. The black is probably mildew. If you treat the grout often you won't get it back.

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The grout in my bathroom was very grungy and dirty. It should be-it was nearly 50 years old. One morning, I took some leftover white ceiling paint, a small paintbrush and proceeded to "paint' all the grout lines, then wiped over the entire floor with a wet towel, wiping away all the excess paint but leaving the grout "cracks" full of white paint. When it dried, my floor looked brand new. This really worked.

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My floor is only about 2 years old; I think the tile layer was tired and tried to do a fast job. Well, anyway, I went to HD today and found a small container of premixed grout. I tried using Lysol last night and a scrub brush; that worked pretty well, but I still need to color and fill the holes & grout lines.
That paint idea sounds pretty good, jannie. I would think that waterproof paint might really be good for that type of thing.
I'm going to think about getting a Scumbuster by Black & Decker soon, I hear they're pretty good to clean tile floors, etc. The guys at HD were suggesting that after I clean and repair the grout I should seal it.

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I painted the grout in a bathroom about 5 years ago. The paint has now worn off in many areas, other areas is splotchy look. I need to paint the grout again, it look terrible right now.

I used diluted latex house paint.

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well, anyway, HD showed me a product that has various colors which is made specifically to paint and seal grout.

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Thanks. Here's what I did: I went to HD and bought a container of grout touchup (it's grout), and I smudged it over the old grout. It looks great. Plus I ordered a Scumbuster from someone on ebay and am expecting it to be delivered hopefully today. I read good things about it on gardenweb. Once I get the lines to look really good again (I only did a few tiles), I will apply sealer.

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