microfiber dusting

laila_2009November 29, 2010

I have a delemma. When I dust, I like to rinse the duster. This does not seem to work well with microfiber duster. Does everyone rinse after all work is done? That would feel like spreading the dust around.

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Microfibre can be machine washed very satisfactorily. . But don't wash with other fabrics/materials. And don't use any fabric softener in the wash or dryer. good luck.

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This is so funny .... I just finished dusting my LR and FR with my microfiber cloths. I use 2 cloths, one just dampened with plain water and a dry one. I wipe my furniture down well with the damp one and then dry it thoroughly before I replace my lamps and stuff. If I feel the cloth gets too dirty, I just rinse it in the sink.

I try to wash a load of microfibers by themselves, but many times they end up in the regular wash. I DO make sure they don't go in the dryer with other stuff -- I either fold them over hangers to dry or just toss them in by themselves. They dry in a jiffy.

It is so nice to feel like I'm removing the dust rather than just rearranging or even polishing the dust onto the table.

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